Monica Strobel Revealed the Hidden Power of Compliments with Donna Marie Thompson, PhD, the CEO of Goals in Action, LLC on the Bouncing Back Now TV Show on RCRN

Monica Strobel revealed ways to enhance intimate relationships with the power of genuine and sincere compliments. People often choose to live up to others' vision of themselves by consciously or subconsciously adopting external perception. So compliments expand the vision of others help them to grow into that vision. Compliments, in essence, rewrite the story of relationships by changing the underlying dynamics.

Washington, DC, May 02, 2011 --( Monica Strobel Explored Simple Steps on How to Enhance Intimate Relationships with Compliments

As Donna Marie Thompson's special guest on the Bouncing Back Now show on the Real Coaching Radio TV Network, Monica Strobel, author of “The Compliment Quotient”, highlighted key steps to add specific and genuine compliments to deepen relationship intimacy.

Strobel is known as the complimentologist after a 25-year career in communications. As a momprenuer she is dedicated to helping empower busy women to have more joy in their lives and in their relationships.

Strobel shared three ways that compliments demonstrate their power. "Compliments enlist the power of language, compliments refocus our lens, and compliments grow positive change."

Strobel went on to describe the trends including: "our intimate relationships are like mirrors that reflect back what you are broadcasting outward. What you are projecting comes right back to you. It is scary at first. Then it becomes empowering when you realize that you can change your energy to whatever you want it to be. You are in control of you."

According to Strobel: "people often choose to live up to our vision of them by consciously or subconsciously adopting our perception of them. So when we compliment someone, we are expanding the vision of how they feel perceived, and as a result we help them grow into that vision. We are in essence, rewriting the story of our relationship in a bigger and better way."

As a final message, Strobel emphasized that: "becoming more in tune with yourself will enable you to quickly identify admirable qualities in others."

Dr Thompson added that "compliments are a powerful tool to to help us focus on others in a genuine and sincere way while helping them to expand their view of themselves."

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