TopScan Ltd. Launches the Official TopScan Website

TopScan Ltd is launching the official TopScan, Ltd Website on May 2nd called TheTopScan and is linked to TheTopScan Facebook page which discusses Time Management Strategies.

Green Cove Springs, FL, May 03, 2011 --( TopScan Ltd. chose Gate One Marketing to develop their official website and provide a whole range of internet marketing services that includes Affiliate Marketing, PPC Marketing, Media Buying, Social Media Marketing, Article and Video Marketing, Blogging, and E-mail Marketing to name just a few. In addition, Gate One will handle the fulfillment process for TopScan. Gate One is also responsible for branding TopScan products worldwide with the initial campaign to target North American markets.

ScanMarker™ is a low cost hand held scanner that is ideally suited to college students and business professionals who require an easy way of transposing text from any document to create a new document, as well as translating the text into other languages. ScanMarker™ provides essential time management for students and business professionals. ScanMarker™ incorporates a wide variety of functions and applications into one product, such as: Data Entry (Scan &Paste), Multiple Language Translation, Text-To-Speech, Thesaurus, Bar-Code Reader and more.

Furthermore, ScanMarker™ has the unique capability of “speaking” the transposed text for higher accuracy in the new document. It scans formulas, hand-writing or foreign texts in their original style and appearance. Scanmarker™ uses a USB port and works with any PC using Windows XP/Vista/2008/Win 7and scans at a rate of 6 inches per second with a resolution of 350 dots per inch. Scanmarker™ measures 5.2 inches in length and .8 inches wide. About the size of a highliner; Scanmarker™ weighs less than 2 ounces and can scan any text from 8 to 22 points.

Gate One Marketing’s William B. Weeks Jr stated, “We are excited to introduce ScanMarker™ by TopScan. It is a Must Have for college students and business professionals.”

About TopScan

TopScan Ltd. is a privately held firm situated in Tirat Carmel just outside of Haifa, Israel. The company employs experts in image processing, algorithms and electro-optics. TopScan has developed practical and affordable handheld scanning devices with a wide array of applications in order to further capitalize on its intellectual property. Their devices not only scan documents, but translate the text into other languages such as Latin, Germanic, Asian and Cryillic based languages. ScanMarker™ can also speak the translated text.

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