Ray Crowder Announces Launch of EzVideoBizCards.com

IT Expert Launches Innovative Internet Tool Used in E-Mail Marketing and Relationship Building.

Sarasota, FL, May 05, 2011 --(PR.com)-- After two years of research and development, Information Technology expert Ray Crowder has announced the launch of EzVideoBizCards.com, an innovative internet tool used in e-mail marketing and relationship building.

An EZ Video Biz Card is a 60-second online video on a dedicated web page, which gives your customers a snapshot of your company, product or service. It is accessed by clicking on your custom email signature, which is included in the purchase of an EZ Video Biz Card. Also included are search engine optimization and links to your website, email address, and social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn and others.

“This is an awesome tool to increase sales and leads,” said Crowder. It is especially useful for professionals dealing with remote clients, allowing clients to “meet” them and gain a comfort level with them in a more personal manner.

“I do a lot of business over the internet and it allows my clients to actually see and hear me through one click on my email signature,” said client Mark Dwiel, a top-producing agent with Blue Cross and Blue Shield. “My EZ Video Biz Card has increased my sales tremendously.”

Crowder expects video business cards to rapidly become a commonly used tool. “My goal was to make this product affordable enough to enable small businesses to have a professional video on the web. Until now, only large corporations could afford this technology.” The cost of an EZ Video Biz Card, including the custom designed e-signature, search engine optimization and the web page, is less than $400 if the client provides the video.

Crowder and his team spent countless hours in research, development, testing and implementation using state-of-the-art technology.

“We saw that the everyday person is acquainted with video and has the required plug-ins,” Crowder explained. “We are aware that there are public video websites where people can post their videos. However, these websites are very congested and do not lend themselves well to professional uses. We thought business people would be ready and open to having a dedicated website for their video.”

Plans include placing sales representatives in strategic locations, including Tampa, Jacksonville, Cincinnati, Dallas and Los Angeles.

Crowder has 25 years of experience in all facets of computer technology, including security for large corporations, software development, programming and computer repair. A commercial art major in college, Crowder has leaned toward the artistic side of computer technology, including videos, animation and website graphics. Other team members have many years experience in television production, scripting, voice-overs, programming and graphic design.

To view a typical video business card, visit www.ezvideobizcards.com/oh_insurance/dan_­brinck.

EzVideoBizCards.com can be reached at (941) 400-8140. Website: www.ezvideobizcards.com Email: development@ezvideobizcards.com.


For more information about EzVideoBizCards.com, or to schedule an interview with Ray Crowder, please contact Sheila Longo at (941) 355-3006 or sheila@thomasbrannan.com
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