Digital Design Agency, Aniden Interactive, Joins DASH7 Alliance

Aniden takes a leading creative role in DASH7 technology and stays at the forefront of mobile app development.

San Francisco, CA, May 05, 2011 --( The world of mobile apps is evolving quickly, and amazing new capabilities will soon change the way we live today. The wireless frequency, products, software, and companies making up DASH7 Alliance are at the forefront of real time location services, and next generation mobile check-ins, which will create a very personalized experience for shoppers from brick and mortar retailers.

“Imagine having an app, key fob, or smartcard identifying you as you approach your favorite Starbucks. You’re automatically checked in, and a message is displayed on a screen behind the counter with your name, showing you’ve ordered a Grande Pike Place the last five times. You approach the counter, and there awaits your drink with your name on it. Other aspects of the technology include very small battery powered tags, and readers capable of tracking anything anywhere in the world, in much closer proximity than GPS on your phone. Marketers and business strategists should be very excited about the potential of this technology, and the member companies in DASH7 Alliance,” says Rich Ringrose, Aniden’s Mobile Strategy Director.

Aniden Interactive has provided UI and UX or leading brands for years. Working with the Alliance, Aniden will take a leading role in the advancement of DASH7 technology and its utilization in mobile apps.

DASH7 is a wireless sensor networking technology, capable of offering the longest possible range, while requiring the least amount of power. Utilizing the 433.92 MHz frequency, DASH7 is globally available, license free and can penetrate concrete and water. Similar to the birth of the internet and wireless communication, DASH7 was originally, and still is, utilized by the U.S. Department of Defense and other militaries. It is expected to evolve quickly into a technology used for a much wider range of applications, including mobile advertising, location-based services, ticketing, building automation, access control, automotive and logistics. DASH7 is already implemented in thriving mobile apps for location-based services like Foursquare and Facebook; it is a revolutionary technology.

The DASH7 Alliance was created in 2009 to oversee DASH7’s development. This organization does not actually make, manufacture or sell DASH7-enabled products, but instead is dedicated to advancing the use of the technology. Over fifty members from twenty-three countries participate in the Alliance, including Lockheed Martin, Dow and Texas Instruments. Aniden Interactive joined in February to make an impact on DASH7’s success.

“Aniden is doing some cool things already in mobile and wireless. In our discussions to-date, it's a pretty clear story for how all of this can come together quite quickly, so 2011 should be a great year for everyone involved,” says Pat Burns, President of DASH7 Alliance. Passionate about DASH7, Pat Burns envisions a world where people, buses, trains, and even blimps can all be “tagged” with a DASH7 device for an inexpensive price of five to ten dollars and with batteries capable of lasting years. “The missing sauce in this lovely casserole is the participation of cool agencies and systems integrators who can bring brands and retailers to the community of socially-awkward technologists who currently populate the DASH7 Alliance,” says Pat Burns.

Aniden Interactive is proud to be a part of the DASH7 Alliance and will contribute by doing what Aniden does best: creating compelling visuals to tell a story. These visuals can be in the shape of UI/UX design, app development, motion graphics, etc. Aniden’s dynamic visual stories help make the seemingly complicated appear simple and intriguing. Many brands and current Alliance members envision the possibilities of DASH7, but are unable to visually communicate their intentions or promote their DASH7-enabled products.

“Aniden joining the alliance is really important, not just for Aniden and the Alliance, but for marketers everywhere, as Aniden's participation is about to illustrate to brands how they can derive better value from their marketing spend, and, more specifically, how DASH7 can help them execute new classes of promotions,” says Pat Burns.

About The DASH7 Alliance
Formed in 2009, the DASH7 Alliance is a non-profit industry consortium with more than 50 participants that promotes the use of the ISO 18000-7 standard for wireless sensor networking. Participating organizations include Agaidi Oy, Analog Devices, Aniden Interactive, Arira Design, Cambridge University, CaptureTags, Chung Nam Electronics, Confidex, Cubic, Damco, DH Technology, Dow, Evigia Systems, Guard RFID, Identec Solutions, Indigresso, Infinite Power Solutions, Lockheed Martin, Lyngsoe Systems, Melexis, MET Laboratories, Michelin, National Instruments, Nedap, North Dakota State University, Novitaz, Odette, OnAsset Intelligence, Pusan National University, Ramtron, Revere Security, Semtech, Security Innovation, SkyBitz, System Planning Corporation, Syrma, Texas Instruments, U.S. Department of Defense, U.S. Department of Energy, University of Wisconsin, and VI Service Network. Membership is open to end users, technology providers and research organizations. For more information, please visit

About Aniden Interactive
Aniden Interactive is a Digital Design Agency made up of 3D artists, multimedia designers and user experience experts who help expedite product life cycles and elevate brands. Headquartered in Houston, with a regional location in the Bay Area, Aniden creates compelling visual stories with photorealistic renderings, motion graphics, technical imagery and user experiences. To learn more, visit

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