Wolf Commercial Credit Consulting Offers Solutions to B2B Credit and Collection Challenges

Monroe, NY, March 07, 2007 --(PR.com)-- Wolf Commercial Credit Consulting Company, a premier consulting firm that specializes in Business to Business Credit policies and procedures, opened for business on February 23, 2007.

Joseph Zaro, Owner and President, has spent over 14 years as a Commercial Credit Manager and has developed specific tactics and methods of controlling credit risk, improving collections and maximizing cash flow for his clientele.

“As the economy changes, we in business must take the steps necessary to see firms maintain and grow. A strong credit policy is the cornerstone of any entity designed to survive all economic forecasts,” says Zaro. “Wolf Commercial Credit is designed around the concept of establishing good commercial credit and collection practices.”

“There are several reasons for developing these practices and procedures beyond the obvious of controlling your receivables and managing your debt. Proper credit and collection polices can be a great asset as a company looks to expand,” Zaro states. He continues, “Strong policies help to establish available liquid assets needed to seize on opportunities as they present themselves. These policies also provide an excellent demonstration to banks and financial institutions considering lending funds for expansion.”

Wolf Commercial Credit Consultants' focus is to help company's strengthen their credit policy, reduce the time spent collecting accounts receivable and maximize cash flow. Wolf will use its years of front-line experience as commercial credit managers to create a customized approach to the needs of the firms they service. All factors are incorporated into developing the system, including non-credit and collection or finance departments. Zaro states, "Sales needs to have input in the policy so a company wide acceptance can take root."

Zaro emphasizes, “In many businesses, sales and credit are at odds with each other in an almost never-ending battle. Wolf's approach will help develop a synergy between the two areas. This cooperation is crucial to seeing a business expand and grow intelligently while maintaining a watchful eye over credit risk.”

"For many decades credit and collection have been considered part of the administrative end of a company's operation. Our approach links the department with Sales. We do this because our belief is the credit department's job is not to say “No!” but, rather to find a way to say ‘Yes!'” says Zaro.

Wolf Commercial Credit Consulting Company
Joseph D. Zaro, President