Starr Tincup Announces Launch of New Quimby McCoy Website

Preservation architecture firm receives increased web presence

Fort Worth, TX, March 09, 2007 --( Starr Tincup, an integrated marketing firm for business-to-business software and services companies, announced today the launch of a new corporate website for Quimby McCoy.

The launch of the new website is designed to give the Quimby McCoy firm a clean, professional look that fits with their industry. The website is in alignment with their “classy yet subtle” corporate identity that unites the firm’s founding partners as one corporate entity. The website is also loaded with optimized keywords to help drive website traffic and achieve greater presence.

“The website is a valuable asset because it is a convenient place to send clients, potential clients and others,” said Nancy McCoy, principal of Quimby McCoy. “It is the virtual office that provides a wealth of information in one place allowing others to find out what we do. The website provides a great marketing tool.”

The new Quimby McCoy website was created to give the architecture firm an online presence.

“The website is a great communication medium that enables us to share what we do and have done with our partners, clients and colleagues in a more in-depth way than anything on paper can,” said Marcel Quimby, principal of Quimby McCoy.

“We are excited about our new relationship with Quimby McCoy,” said J. William Tincup, principal and co-founder of Starr Tincup. “It’s a completely different approach from our typical high tech B2B or B2C clients, but they fit our business model well.”

“In the 21st century, it has become evident that no company can afford not to have a great website,” said Bret Starr, principal and co-founder of Starr Tincup. “There has always been debate about the specific purpose that a website should serve, but in reality an effective website must serve multiple purposes. First, it must effectively communicate the firm’s unique value proposition. Second, it must convey the firm’s differentiation and corporate image or style. Third, it must aggressively generate and capitalize on leads. The Quimby McCoy website serves all the purposes quite well. We’re very proud to have been involved with this special company and this special website.”

Quimby McCoy’s goal with Starr Tincup is to generate an increase in business clientele. Starr Tincup and Quimby McCoy anticipate a successful relationship because both firms are like-minded with similar creative visions. Starr Tincup will help provide marketing expertise for the Quimby McCoy firm in the preservation architecture business.

“As with any architectural design process, it was great fun for Starr Tincup and us, as architects and clients, to understand each others’ language and begin to move forward in the creative process on a common path,” Marcel said.

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