Travelrobe Says that Airport Parking is Still a Superb Convenience

Customers should not be put off by the recent event and bad press surrounding the park and fly industry, instead Travelrobe is advising customers to book their parking through reputable companies to ensure complete safety of their vehicles.

Travelrobe Says that Airport Parking is Still a Superb Convenience
London, United Kingdom, March 08, 2007 --( Customers travelling before the holidays this year should take comfort in the fact that the recent events and bad press on airport parking has put the park and fly industry on high alert and this in turn will create a more reliable industry while hopefully putting the rogue and illegal car parks out of business.

Mark Felix, Travelrobe’s MD, says that before travelling on holiday, customers should always spend some extra time finding the right company and parking option for their airport parking needs, making safety and security the number one criteria when choosing a company, and the best place to search for a reputable company is at

While there are many companies that claim to offer safe and secure airport parking, customers should look for the Park Mark® Safer Parking Award when unsure, this is an initiative of the Association of Chief Police Officers to reduce crime and the fear of crime in car parks and the award is granted to parking sites that have achieved or exceeded the requirements of a detailed risk assessment conducted by the Police.

Having gone through a recent undercover sting operation shown on TV where a few airport parking companies where found lacking the necessary checks and balances in their operation, lots of changes and adjustments would have been made by those companies to ensure that their customers felt safe to continue using their facilities.

Travelrobe feels that the continuation of such undercover operations will make the park and fly industry safer and customers will recognise those companies that endeavour to make their airport parking facilities safe and secure. is a Worldwide Hotel Reservation site providing Hotels, Flights, Car Hire, Vacation Packages, Cruises, Airport Parking and Airport Hotels to all its customers.

Mark Felix