SpamStopsHere Anti-spam Service Launches PartnerConnect Reseller Program

Ann Arbor, MI, March 09, 2007 --( SpamStopsHere, Inc., the industry leading provider of e-mail security and spam filtering solutions announces the launch of the SpamStopsHere PartnerConnect™ reseller program. The continued expansion of SpamStopsHere’s reseller channel allows resellers to participant and share in SpamStopsHere’s explosive growth. The SpamStopsHere PartnerConnect reseller program complements SpamStopsHere’s successful and longstanding affiliate and referral programs.

SpamStopsHere is the most accurate Enterprise-level precision email filtering solution on the market today. With its unique databases of known spam and spammers (updated every five minutes), SpamStopsHere blocks 99% of spam without blocking business-critical emails. SpamStopsHere achieves this industry leading accuracy “out of the box”; there is no tuning or maintenance required! Implementing SpamStopsHere’s managed solution requires no hardware, no software, no updating by your IT staff and is ideal for any Enterprise ranging from 10 to 50,000 end-users. 

SpamStopsHere’s PartnerConnect reseller program is designed to bolster the profitability of value-added resellers (VARs). PartnerConnect members have the unique opportunity of offering their clients the most accurate spam and virus filtering solution on the market today and have the option of implementing a custom branded control panel complete with customer login portals using their own logos and branding. Custom branded control panels are available for resellers that want to project an image of having their own proprietary anti-spam solution.

“As spam and phishing attacks evolve and become more sophisticated, our resellers are confident that they are armed with the most effective weapon in combating cyber attacks,” said Ted Green, CEO of SpamStopsHere. “The SpamStopsHere PartnerConnect program will dramatically increase SpamStopsHere market penetration. Our aggressive reseller model enables resellers to reach their economic and financial goals faster. We equip our resellers with the necessary knowledge and tools to help develop and manage extensive client bases. We are 100% committed to helping our resellers succeed. We understand the value and importance of communication and encourage our resellers to ask questions and give us feedback.”

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About Greenview Data:
Greenview Data, Inc. has been providing its critically acclaimed SpamStopsHere™ network security solutions to clients across the globe for over 5 years. GDI also created and developed the powerful VEDIT™ text editor, which has been licensed to over 150,000 users since 1980. EBCDIC to ASCII conversion makes up the third division of Greenview Data; providing conversion solutions through turn-key contracting and consulting. Through the growth of their SpamStopsHere hosted service, the introduction of their En-Compliance™ hosted email encryption service, and exciting R&D developments including email archiving and VoIP security, Greenview is looking to the future and another successful 27 years.

Ted Annis