Taipan Publishing Group Welcomes New Editors to Editorial Staff

Taipan Publishing Group welcomes Jared Levy and Joseph McBrennan to its editorial team.

Balitmore, MD, May 12, 2011 --(PR.com)-- Taipan Publishing Group, a leading financial research publication service, is excited to announce Jared Levy as the new editor of WaveStrength Options Weekly and Joseph McBrennan as contributing editor of Taipan Daily.

WaveStrength Options Weekly is one of Taipan’s options trading research services. Every week Jared Levy offers his readers detailed analysis of news and charts and specific buy and exit strategies in order to create a comfortable trade options living. WaveStrength Options Weekly also plays host to exclusive trade ideas, tips, and guest commentary from some of Wall Street’s top traders. Subscribers of WaveStrength Options Weekly receive weekly issues, special reports, and e-mail alerts of the most recent trading forecasts.

Taipan Daily is Taipan Publishing Group’s free flagship e-newsletter. Everyday Joseph McBrennan informs his readers on the current financial market news and trends, allowing his group of investors to beat out the competition on Wall Street. Taipan Daily uncovers the truth behind the headlines and turns it into money making opportunities.

About the Editors
Along with WaveStrength Options Weekly, Jared Levy, is also the contributing editor of Smart Investing Daily, a free e-letter dedicated to guiding investors through the world of finance in order to make smart investing decisions. His passion is teaching the public how to successfully trade and invest while keeping risk low.

Joseph McBrennan comes from at least five generations of investors and traders on both sides of his family, dating back more than 150 years. He brings to Taipan Publishing Group over two decades of experience in the investment banking business. Currently Joseph serves as President of a Midwest investment banking firm that specializes in public finance.

About Taipan Publishing Group
Taipan Publishing Group is a financial research publisher that publishes 10 investment market research services and advisories on options trading, blue chips, small caps, precious metals, commodities and more. For more about Taipan Publishing Group, visit www.taipanpublishinggroup.com.

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