Free Agency is Poised to Make a Major Impact in People’s Lives

Draper, UT, March 11, 2007 --( After seven years of blood, sweat, and tears, Jason Hawks and Ty Erickson are pleased to announce the opening of Free Agency. Free Agency is full service consulting firm whose purpose is to help people realize the power of their choices. Co-founder Ty Erickson states, “We believe that Free Agency is a state of being, a way of thinking, a way of life, and a way of doing! Ultimately the impact of our choices has a greater impact on who we truly are than do our abilities.”

Over the course of the last seven years Jason and Ty have spread the message of Free Agency around the world. They have performed, served, spoken, and taught this powerful message all across the United States, as well as in Cambodia, England, France, Belgium, Spain, and Mexico. In addition to teaching, these two have also studied the principles of agency very thoroughly. Between the two of them they have read over 250 books, they have attended countless seminars, and received personal coaching from many of the industry’s finest. This is a message that Jason and Ty know inside and out. But more importantly it is a message that they believe and live!

Brian Ciccotelli of Del Sol International has had the opportunity to hear Jason speak at many different events and recently declared, "Jason is very passionate about his message! And based on what he has been able to accomplish thus far in his life it is obvious that he practices EXACTLY what he preaches!" It truly is amazing what Jason and Ty have accomplished at the age of 26 and 25 years old respectively.

In addition to spreading their message, Jason and Ty have strategically aligned Free Agency with authors and gurus that can add to their message. Here is a quick sample of the type of organizations that Free Agency is working with. Real Love, ( is a powerful program that helps people realize the difference between Real Love and conditional love. The Dating Doctor David Coleman, ( is a motivational speaker who emphasizes the Law of Attraction and helps people realize their dreams. Hindsight Trading, ( is a cutting-edge day-trading company that tailors their message on helping people learn to invest their money and their time and take charge of their personal financial situations.

Jason and Ty are very passionate about helping people make lasting changes in their live through their decisions. Co-founder Jason teaches the following, “Each and every one of us are faced with hundreds of 'decisions' throughout the course of a day. It is true that many of these decisions like, which leg goes into our pants first, don't have long lasting effect on our lives... but many of them do and it is what you do with the choices that matter that makes all the difference in the world!” This message will rapidly spread from small Draper, Utah to all parts of the world. For more information please contact either Founder, Jason Hawks 801.361.9800, Ty Erickson 801.913.4896 or by visiting Check their website frequently for upcoming calendar events and free information in the blog!

Free Agency
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