12 Exhibitors of Process Water Treatment Equipment Added to Online Expo IITS

IITS showcases suppliers of water treatment equipment & supplies for industrial wastewater, sewage, process and other uses

Springfield, MO, May 13, 2011 --( ArriveNEWS, the Online Manufacturing Ezine and founder of the online expo IITS introduced Wednesday morning its new and more extensive Water Treatment Equipment Marketplace and Directory at The site, according to an IITS promoter was created to showcase a variety of products for the treatment of water as needed by water treatment plants, manufacturers, commercial, metropolitan and residential markets. ArriveNEWS officials said the company offers through its multiple directories new, used and re-manufactured water treating equipment for applications such as ozone, process, cooling, reverse osmosis, filtration, UV, industrial waste water, sewage, chemical, magnetic, ultra-filtration, cooling, separation, softening, particle removal, industrial water purification, disinfecting, sand filtering, ION exchange, cooling tower, CIP (cleaning-in-place), oxidising as well as other applications.

Shawn Higgins, spokesperson for said the publisher also works with its parent company (Industrial Leaders) to promote a wide variety of primarily American water treatment systems and equipment suitable for various industries. According to Mr. Higgins, the site features independently reviewed manufacturers and distributors of complete water purification systems and allied products such as filters, chemical, turnkey plants, clarifiers, deep filtration, ION exchangers, reverse osmosis, containerized plants, UV disinfection, sediment filters, RO membrane, tanks, pumps, valves, hoses, filtration media, pilot plants and other equipment for the treatment of water in commercial, residential and industrial applications. IITS plans to include additional products in an upcoming buying guide due to be published in the summer, according to Higgins.

“In recent years there has been a number of new developments and innovative products being launched in the water treatment field offering plants, manufacturing facilities, chemical processors and other companies more alternatives than ever before to treat water and wastewater,” said Conrad Bailey, an organizer of IITS. He added, “Such alternatives have presented themselves into the marketplace as a means to provide a larger variety of conventional, customized and advanced water treatment systems for disinfection, sand filtration, wastewater filtering, chemical processing, cooling, low-pressure reverse osmosis, chlorination, biological purification, cooling water with ozone, sewage, UV, magnetic and other applications.” Bailey went on to say ArriveNEWS features that offer full-scale turnkey systems for many industries seeking environmental-friendly water treatment equipment.

About ArriveNEWS is an online industrial expo organizer and producer of the International Industrial Trade Show (IITS 2010). The site utilizes a simple platform to showcase its exhibitors by using online videos to demonstrate a wide range of innovative industrial equipment, machine tools and technology offered by manufacturers across the globe with emphasis on products made in the USA at

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