Soul Receives Outstanding Reviews by the Expert

Soul Brazilian Premium Cachaca receives high ratings by the expert. Meridith May, Publisher and Executive Editor of The Tasting Panel Magazine, reviews and loves what she finds.

Newport, RI, May 14, 2011 --( Premier Spirits, LLC, the maker and importer of Soul Brazilian Premium Cachaca, is pleased with The Tasting Panel Magazine review of Soul.

In the April 2011 issue of The Tasting Panel Magazine, Meridith May’s monthly “Publisher’s Picks” rates Soul Brazilian Premium Cachaca a score of 93 points, out of a possible 100. On her five kiss system, Soul receives three and a half kisses. The translation means between “Wildly infatuated” and “Seriously Smitten.”

In addition of giving Soul Cachaca a high ranking, Ms. May is quoted in the article stating…
“On the nose, pungent cucumber plays with ripe honeydew amidst a mental picture of a sugarcane field on a hot summer day. On the palate, no heat; instead, white pepper and green peppercorn against a deep core of cooked pineapple.”

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Soul Brazilian Premium Cachaça. Quite simply, Soul is the Spirit of Brazil.

Even though Soul has been making Cachaça for well over 100 years, it is the spirit of 17th century craftsmen that Soul relies on to bring this unique Brazilian Cachaca to the forefront of 21st century premium distilled spirits.

The premium quality of Soul Cachaça is derived from the fact that they use only finest of ingredients in the making of their products. Soul understand that quality product starts with the land. Soul grows its own natural cane. This allows Soul to regulate and ensure the quality of its natural sugar cane. Only the finest and highest quality of sugar cane will transcend into the unique and excellent Soul Cachaça.

Cachaça comes from and can only be produced in Brazil, and has become the country’s most popular distilled alcoholic beverage. Cachaca is derived from fresh-pressed sugarcane juice. The difference between Cachaca and traditional rum is that no molasses is used, the by product of making sugar from the cane juice. By not utilizing molasses as the distillation base, we ensure that only the highest quality sugars are made into rum. This is a much cleaner, tasteful, and earthy alternative. When it comes to Cachaça, there are two different types: Artisan and Industrial.

Soul Cachaça is an Artisan Cachaça and it shows. Here are the differences:
Soul uses only the heart of each distilled sugar cane batch, with the less tasteful and impurities found in the head and feet cast aside. Now, these smaller batches are allowed to naturally ferment the sugar cane via yeast. Next, a premium distillation process ensures that any impurities are removed, leaving behind only premium liquid gold which will continue to refine in wood barrels for a minimum of one year before bottling.

The alternative is Industrial Cachaça, which is born out of large volume batch processing, additive-infused fermenting and mass distillation. Industrial bottling happens immediately, and uses the entire batch during distallation.

Now part of the U.S. Soul

Mix it Up… try some Soul Brazilian Premium Cachaça today.

And, please drink in moderation.

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