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Suicide Bomb Detection Urged by Thermal Matrix, in Wake of Attacks in Pakistan

Washington, DC, May 14, 2011 --( The retaliation feared following the killing of al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden came with massive bloodshed in Pakistan Friday, when a pair of suicide bombers attacked military recruits leaving a training center. In a scene littered with shards of glass, debris, and blood, 80 are dead and approximately 120 others wounded. Advanced counter threat technology made available through Thermal Matrix USA is now ready to provide real-time standoff protection as the increased use of such attacks continues.

The most deadly terrorist attack by al-Qaida in the wake of its leader’s death came in the form of a PBIED, a person-borne improvised explosive device, the exact type of threat the Thermal Matrix ACT system has been developed to prevent.

“For years Thermal Matrix has been researching and developing technology that can detect a suicide attack long before a terrorist has the chance to strike,” says Richard Salem, founder and CEO of Thermal Matrix USA. “Fortunately, advanced technology exists and is ready to be used, not only to protect U.S. forces deployed overseas, but also to defend against the threat of attacks domestically.”

While this is the most recent suicide bomb attack by al-Qaida, PBIED attacks have increasingly been used by the Taliban this year, with more promised. Last month a sleeper agent posing as a member of the Afghanistan Army detonated a suicide bomb vest inside a NATO training meeting, killing ten, including five NATO troopers. That attack comes in conjunction with a Taliban announcement of a spring offensive against U.S. led NATO forces.

More suicide attacks are also feared following bin Laden’s death. "We have done this to avenge the Abbottabad incident," said a spokesman for the Pakistani Taliban, Ahsanullah Ahsan, as he warned there will be additional terrorism against Americans inside the country.

“This tragedy in Pakistan may have been prevented with deployment of Thermal Matrix technology,” Salem said. “Now is the time to ensure that we have taken all possible steps to protect American troops and citizens from the future attacks at home and abroad. Suicide attacks will continue until we prove we can stop them, and our ACT system does just that.”

The Thermal Matrix ACT system has the ability to detect all forms of explosives hidden by suicide bombers, including those made from plastic, liquid, powder and gels. By utilizing advanced proprietary technology, ACT provides standoff detection, revealing concealed threats well before terrorists are able to get close to their intended victims.

“These are exactly the situations for which ACT is designed to be utilized,” Thermal Matrix Executive Director Michael Reinpoldt commented in response to the Pakistan attacks. “Instantly, the powerful sensor technology used by ACT enables us to analyze and determine if a subject is hiding a concealed object, and we do so at the extreme standoff distances required by security forces.”

With a set-up time of less than ten minutes, ACT can be used in multiple applications through a wide range of environments. The system is designed to be operated by one person, indoors or out. In addition, there are no privacy concerns, as ACT’s images are not x-rays.

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