Is the Next Big Cyber Land Grab?

Is the Next Big Cyber Land Grab?
Seattle, WA, March 13, 2007 --( With neither a seller’s nor buyers market existing in most parts of the country how are techno-savvy real estate advertisers moving their inventory?  There is a growing ground swell of support for using a site that offers a different approach than typical real estate marketing sites. is a network of (so far) over 25 real estate and related property listing sites. What's cool about it is that you can list property on multiple sites but only have to enter the information once.  These sites are not the typical MLS merry-go–round of sites rolled out the much awaited real estate portal featuring the quadruple upload marketing dynamo "Four Web It" in 2005 and has been getting good reviews.  The "Four Web It" proprietary concept has tripled the number of new customers during the last four months of 2006. The "Four Web It" multiple position website service requires detailed listing information to be inputted only once yet it posts to four subject relevant real estate websites.

Serving the specialized internet advertising needs of the real estate and related industries market the two year old  ranked in the Alexa Top 500 Mover and Shakers in 2006.  

The ambiance of the site is more akin to a high end department store than a ‘cheap is all that matters’ warehouse when there is a wide spectrum of inventory presented.  There are sexy graphics found throughout the site.  Many visitors claim to visit the site looking for property and to see the artwork.

Real estate agents can appreciate the time and energy saved in inputting listings, which can be a detailed and tedious process. For Sale by Owners, FSBOs, a notoriously frugal group, get excited by the bang for the buck they get with the multiple website advertising space for the price of a good dinner. Everyone seems to like the sweepstakes game that is part of the marketing strategy.

Though the site is based on the no commissions, lead fees, or subscriptions charged strategy and is open to anyone to use it still has an exclusive feel to it.  One of the many things that makes different and increasingly appealing to people is that you can get both form and substance here.

Priced with low flat fees for any type of real estate, the site is a different experience than what is found online.  Cathleen Carr, the lawyer and real estate broker who founded, says “When the entire world market is your target audience you’ve got to create an ambiance that is continental, after all, most of the world appreciates elegance.  We designed this network to make a customer feel proud to be affiliated with it.”

About  The portal is a network of free searchable real estate websites and classified ads.  Users must register to view listings and other advertisements. does not charge advertisers for leads or referrals.

There is no commission charged for sales. Serving the specialized internet advertising needs of the real estate and related industries market. has ranked in the Alexa Top 500 Movers and Shakers. is privately owned by American Eastern Institute, LLC and is solidly maintained by Communication Specialists, Inc.  Copywrite 2005 with all rights reserved.©,©, American Eastern Institute, LLC©, Four Web It©,© and their logos are trademarks of American Eastern Institute, LLC.

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