Ryan vs. Dorkman Appearing on "Geekza!" Live Podcast March 18th

Ryan Wieber and Michael Scott, makers of the highly popular Star Wars-inspired fan flick "Ryan vs. Dorkman", will be appearing on the live podcast "Geekza" on March 18th at 7PM Eastern.

Orlando, FL, March 14, 2007 --(PR.com)-- Chris Hanel and Teague "Fig" Chrystie will be interviewing Ryan Wieber and Michael Scott, creators of the internet sensation "Ryan vs. Dorkman" on their live talk show podcast, Geekza. The interview will be recorded live, and will take place on Sunday, March 18th at 7PM Eastern/4PM Pacific. The hosts will be taking calls from listeners on the show and from emails submitted to geekza@gmail.com.

Wieber and Scott, who have now made two films in the "Ryan vs. Dorkman" series, have seen their latest Star Wars inspired film featured across the net, reaching #2 on Google Video's "Top 100" list and more than 1.2 million viewers on YouTube. The short format and simplistic nature of the videos, paired with the duo's uncanny ability to produce outstanding fight choreography and visual effects, has made them the perfect mix for viral video success.

Over the hour long interview, Wieber and Scott will be taking calls from listeners and answering questions about their methodology and technique for producing exciting independent movies on a low budget. There also promises to be an in-depth discussion on how the filmmakers marketed the film series to become an internet success.

Geekza is the live call-in talk show hosted by Chris Hanel and Teague "Fig" Chrystie via the TalkShoe podcasting service. The show functions as a random tribute to filmmaking, visual effects, and the influence of the internet over low-budget and independent media. Guests and audience members may call in by ordinary telephone or Voice-Over-IP and participate in the discussion, as well as share comments by text-based chat. The show can be streamed live or downloaded as an mp3 podcast after recording ends. In recent weeks, Geekza has interviewed Trey Stokes, the director of fan-film darling "Pink Five", and award-winning visual effects artist Lee Stringer. For more information on Geekza, see http://www.geeka.com. For more information on TalkShoe, see http://www.talkshoe.com.

Hanel and Chrystie may be reached via email at geekza@gmail.com.

Christopher Hanel