VP for MONOC Testifies for Bill A-3795

MONOC testifies with regard to bill A-3795, and urges the state of NJ to implement the bill at the next possible opportunity.

Trenton, NJ, March 14, 2007 --(PR.com)-- David A. DeSimone, Esq. and VP of MONOC testified at the statehouse on Monday, with Chief Flight Paramedic for MONOC Steven D. Olsen, in order to push for the implementation of Assembly Bill A-3795, which would modify air medical services in New Jersey to compliment the State Police/JEMSTAR program in treating trauma victims.

From the very beginning, DeSimone made it clear that this was a patient care issue, and not a bitter fight between competing programs (MONOC and State Police/JEMSTAR) throughout the state of New Jersey.

The bill would allow MONOC to respond to an incident, if it was the closest, available medevac helicopter in New Jersey. Location and proximity play keep roles in the response time and ultimately survival rates. Until now, though, MONOC as a private program has served as a back up to the State Police/JEMSTAR medevac helicopters, regardless of response time or proximity.

DeSimone continued by illustrating MONOC’s emergency service record on the ground since its certification in the early 1980’s, such as advanced life support, basic life support, and critical care transport services, and more recent addition of medevac helicopter services in the air. He explained that MONOC One uses state of the art EC 135 helicopters, which are specifically designed for emergency medical situations. Additionally, he informed the committee that paramedics and flight nurses average ten to 20 years experience, and should be allowed the opportunity to help when needed.

Mr. Olson provided two examples of experiences where MONOC was closer to a scene but were not allowed to respond due to dispatch conflicts were illustrated, not to insinuate that MONOC would have achieved better outcomes, but to show the Assembly Health Committee that proximity to an emergency scene is crucial in providing the best medical attention for patients. He even went so far as to say that Ocean County local response squads are “so interested in reducing medevac helicopter response times, they have said that they plan to drive trauma patients to MONOC’s air medical base at Miller Air Park so that MONOC One can fly the patient in minutes instead of waiting for another medevac helicopter that is much farther away,” but have been instructed by MONOC to follow protocol and not do so but instead call the JEMSTAR dispatch system.

DeSimone concluded by asking the committee to instate the bills request to allow private medical units to compliment the existing JEMSTAR program, for the ultimate benefit of the patients. He urged that this would reduce the “precious time needed to get trauma patients from the accident scene to the trauma center,” and should not be taken as a competition between public and private programs.

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