Shelby Kaine Launches New A&E Site,

Franklin, IN, March 14, 2007 --( There is a new website launching this week that promises to give the internet readers something that they deserve and need. is the brainchild of Shelby Kaine, she is no one famous, never has had a movie deal, never starred in a movie and does not have an agent to represent her. But what she does have is the guts and determination to give the world the truth.

“There are several websites out there that just make fun of celebrities and literally feed the paparazzi to haunt and literally harass the entertainment industry,” Kaine said. “I just like anyone else who reads the magazines and tabloids and wonder what the real story is and unfortunately there is only a couple of avenues where the celebrity can sit down with a reporter and give them their view of the story, but it always seems to come to a price.” was created to work with everyone.

“It seems that no matter where you go or what you read drugs in Hollywood is running rampant. It is affecting the people we depend on to make us laugh and not worry about our problems for a few minutes.” Kaine continues with her commitment to actually interview celebrities via video and have a website that people can interact with each other and just maybe help someone that needs something. So with so much going on Kaine has lined herself up with Hoodlum Productions for She said that keeping up with everything has been a challenge but it is fun.

"Matthew at Hoodlum Productions is awesome. He has made a beautiful site and is committed to making it one of the top sites on the internet." Kaine said she checked the other day to see how many hits she got in one day and it was 11,000. “I am so excited with the Presidential Election coming up to; I have been in politics just about all of my adult life. I live in Indiana so Senator Evan Bayh, Barron Hill, and Lee Hamilton I worked extensively on their campaigns. I also know as a newspaper reporter you have to remain neutral and I plan on carrying that out at the web site. People deserve the truth and I plan on getting it to them one way or another."

Kaine also knows to run an internet site is not cheap, but is hoping that eventually she will get advertisers to help offset her expenses.

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