Anderson Thermal Devices Introduces New Rapid Response Halogen Lamps

Hawthorne, NJ, May 26, 2011 --( Anderson Thermal Devices, Inc. of Hawthorne, New Jersey now specifies tungsten filament infrared halogen lamps in most of its quartz infrared heater cassettes. The newly designed lamps will heat up and cool down instantly in response to voltage changes. They radiate 90% of the available radiant energy in less than one second after being turned on. By comparison, long-wavelength infrared emitters must be energized for several minutes before they reach the same relative output. Similarly, the short-wavelength infrared emitter in the lamps cools down much faster than a long-wavelength infrared emitter.

Anderson Thermal Devices, Inc. designs, manufactures and supplies quartz infrared lamps and quartz infrared heater cassettes for dozens of process heating applications to end users and OEMs.

Anderson Thermal Devices Inc.
Clara O Boyle