New Alan Gordon Redhead Light Kits Break Price Barrier

Alan Gordon's HD Redhead light kits break the important $1,000 price point to deliver a professional light kit to all video, film and still photography shooters.

Hollywood, CA, March 14, 2007 --( Alan Gordon Enterprises today announced that they are shipping their new 650 watt HD Redhead light kits to dealers throughout the U.S., Canada and Europe. HD Redheads mark a breakthrough in performance and economy for a portable professional light kit.

Each 3-light kit includes three 650-watt focusing light heads, 4-way barn doors, safety wire scrims, 3-level stands, and 12-foot power cables with heavy duty on/off switches. A custom hard case to allow easy, convenient shipment of the entire set-up is also included. A soft case that likewise can contain all the components of the light kit is available as an option.

“We tweaked the design of these kits for months to strike the perfect balance of performance and affordability,” said Grant Loucks, President and long-time product designer for Alan Gordon. “It’s been part of our sixty year history to innovate new performance benefits for our industry, and in these redhead lights, I think we’ve done it again.”

“Red Head” is a somewhat generic term used to describe general purpose lights common to all motion picture film, still and video studios. Red head lights can be used as a key flood light for large areas but are also useful as fill and backlights. Alan Gordon’s HD Redheads, featuring 650W housings, provide high quality, yet retail for only $995 as compared to similar kits costing over $2,000. They’re ideal for video location shoots as well as stage work.

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Gary Wolfson