Tersus Announces a New Family of Products for Enhanced in Situ Bioremediation

To complement its Gas inFusion technologies, Tersus Environmental unveiled today a new family of products for enhanced in situ bioremediation. The new products are engineered to treat soil and groundwater contaminated with organic constituents amenable to anaerobic bioremediation processes, including chlorinated solvents, energetics and pesticides/herbicides. These amendments from Tersus can also control dissolved phase heavy metals by promoting their conversion to insoluble forms.

Cheyenne, WY, May 26, 2011 --(PR.com)-- Tersus Environmental, a leading provider of technology for soil and groundwater remediation, unveiled today a new family of in situ remediation products. EDS-ER (electron donor solution – extended release) is a patent pending water-soluble oil formulated with >92% renewable crop-based oils.

EDS-ER is provided as a water mixable oil, not a water based oil, as is the current convention. There is no water within the formulation. Because of its low viscosity and longevity, EDS-ER is an ideal substrate for injection using direct-push technology for source area, plume and reactive barrier applications. The low viscosity allows a greater volume of EDS-ER to be applied in a shorter period and increases the substrate delivery radius per point. EDS-ER is a simple, safe, low-cost solution for enhanced bioremediation.

EDS products are used to treat soil and groundwater contaminated with organic constituents amenable to anaerobic bioremediation processes.

The treatment of contaminants with EDS products is further enhanced with the addition of hydrogen-enriched water, cometabolic gas enriched water, or carbon dioxide (CO2) supersaturated water using Gas inFusion technologies marketed by Tersus. The addition of hydrogen-enriched water may reduce the demand for the electron donor over the life of the cleanup by as much as 50 percent. The dissolved gas enriched water is added to EDS as a dilution fluid, used as chase water, used as recirculation water, or used a precondition waters for bioaugmentation culture.

Tersus Environmental, LLC
Gary Birk