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MESS New York Studios

“Bachelorette Party” Gets a Makeover by NYC’s Top Makeup Artists

Bachelorette parties need not be repetitive and predictable; “makeup parties” are becoming the hottest new party theme for chic brides-to-be.

New York, NY, September 30, 2005 --( “If one more engaged girlfriend tries to drag me around the city on a crowded Saturday night wearing boas, beads or tiaras, getting drunk and looking ridiculous, I think I’ll have to put my foot down,” says an exasperated New York woman on the subject of bachelorette parties. “It’s either that or a stripper, which for a lot of women is more awkward than erotic. There’s got to be a better party idea out there for grown women.” Having heard this sentiment expressed more than once (and recognizing the truth in it), New York City’s makeup artist headquarters and purveyor of high-end mineral cosmetics, MESS Makeup, has come up with a solution to the bachelorette party idea wasteland: makeup parties.

MESS helps bachelorettes throw makeup parties at their spacious studio and store, located in the heart of New York City, or in their homes. MESS Makeup’s celebrity makeup artists, stylists and photographers make party guests feel pampered, relaxed, and most of all, gorgeous. The result is a truly unique evening of fun and glamour for any sized group that not only guarantees a good time for one night; the makeup applications that guests receive from professional makeup artists at the top of their industry may provide insight into looking more beautiful in the future – for example, on the day of their friend’s wedding.

Bachelorette party packages include the set up, the makeup, and the clean up. Along with makeup applications for the bachelorette and all of her guests, MESS offers the options of gift bags, hair styling and photography during makeup parties: Many women want a group photo of all their closest friends looking their best, and individual shots and prints are an option as well. Hosts are welcome to bring refreshments to the MESS facility or arrange for catering.

MESS aims to make throwing bachelorette parties easy for overburdened brides, whose only responsibilities are to tell MESS’s party planner how many guests to expect and to pick the components they want to incorporate from an a la carte menu. Makeup parties are also a cool and creative idea for women seeking a new spin on girls-night-out, or for parents trying to plan a special day for their daughters. MESS encourages those who seek an exciting new party theme to make an appointment to discuss their goals with a MESS party planner and tour the new MESS space.

About MESS Makeup
MESS Makeup was formed by a convergence of makeup artists and business professionals who sought to unify the East Coast’s makeup community. It is quickly becoming the city’s top resource for veteran makeup artists, and its artist database has developed into a much-needed resource for those seeking experienced makeup artists for projects of any scope; from applications, lessons, makeovers, parties and group events to film, editorial, fashion and commercial projects. MESS Bridal arranges makeup services and photography for brides and bridal parties, and photography division MESS Studios has been recognized as an industry leader in new talent portfolio production and promotional photography for models, actors and performers. MESS Makeup also has created a full line of mineral makeup, MESS Pro Mineral, and supplies available at its retail store (located at 224 W. 30th Street) and on its Web site.

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