Metacomp Technologies Partners with PSSC Labs to Run CFD ++ Product on Powerwulf Clusters

Metacomp Technologies array of PowerWulf Clusters and PowerServe servers enable the company to support even the largest and compute intensive applications. The systems offer quick turnarounds, lower power and cooling requirements. Metacomp Technologies' CFD ++ product is setting the pace in the CFD marketplace with its unique combination of accuracy, reliability and performance.

New York, NY, May 31, 2011 --( Metacomp Technologies is a leading provider of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and other analytical software tools for major aerospace, defense, and automobile manufacturers as well as other companies that require complex modeling during research and development. Their CFD++ application software is used in all manners of fluid flow analysis.

Working with PSSC Labs (, Metacomp Technologies upgraded to PowerWulf Clusters and PowerServe servers based on the AMD Opteron™ multi core processor. Over the past several years PSSC Labs has delivered several different PowerWulf Clusters and very large PowerServe Quattro A4000 series servers offering many cores and massive amounts of memory in a single box. PSSC Labs intimate knowledge of CFD processing requirements and a long term relationship with Metacomp Technologies allows PSSC Labs to consistently keep Metacomp Technologies at the forefront of technology.

"High performance computing is essential for designing and supporting our Computational Fluid Dynamics and other programs, and 64-bit AMD Opteron™ processor-based clusters help us to reduce development time and improve turnaround for support issues. AMD's 64-bit processor technology gives us the ability to support large computational models which demand high performance, large memory addressability, and economical space, power, and cooling requirements. In addition, HyperTransport™ technology has enabled us to link two motherboards together to create a 16-core stand-alone system with128GB of RAM for a fast and highly efficient pre-processing system."

-Sukumar Chakravarthy
(President, Metacomp Technologies)

Alex Lesser