Safety Hander Restraints Save Lives and Prevent Tragedies from Happening: New Law Enforcement "Mitts" Now on the Market

Too many stories of worldwide tragedies that have occurred when prisoners seize a policeman's gun, and often kill the officer, or innocent bystanders, while attempting to escape. New revolutionary product, prevents these senseless tragedies in society from occurring. This protection in addition to hand cuffs, ensures Law Enforcement personnel added security while handling prisoners.

Tamarac, FL, May 27, 2011 --( Safety Hander Restraints, now available for purchase. SHR are protective mitts that easily go over each hand of a prisoner or criminal and prevent them from having hands-free access. This product is extremely useful for all Law Enforcement personnel in their daily fight against crime. The mitts are used along with traditional handcuffs, whereas the criminal or prisoner cannot access an officer's gun or keys in attempting escape.

"We have seen far to many tragedies," says, CEO, David Issacs. "Everyday in the news, is another story of a prisoner seizing an officer's gun and shooting that officer and innocent civilians. We have designed and manufactured a product that will save lives in the daily fight against crime." Safety Hander Restraints are the perfect tool for Policemen, Marshals, Sheriffs, Prisoner Transport personnel, Corrections Officers, and any other Law Enforcement workers. The product is made in the USA, and comes with a money back guarantee. Their mission as a company is to "help save lives," and to protect society from useless, senseless killings and injuries that occur when prisoners try to escape. Please join in the protection of our Law Enforcement personnel.

Safety Hander Restraints
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