Chukar Cherries Contributes to Local Food Movement with Innovative Fruit Drying Process

Prosser, WA, May 30, 2011 --( Chukar Cherries meets the demand for local fruits year-round by using an innovative, all natural drying process that preserves Northwest produce without sulfites, preservatives or anything artificial.

Due to consumers’ desire to know the origins of their food, the Local Food Movement has expanded in the Pacific Northwest. Chukar Cherries meets the demand for local produce year-round by providing consumers with dried Northwest cherries and berries. Chukar Cherries crafts their dried fruits, confections, energy mixes, preserves and sauces by hand at their factory headquarters in Central Washington.

The Local Food Movement is part of the broader Sustainability Movement, which combats harm to the environment caused by excessive processing, packaging and shipping of food. To retain the freshness of their product, Chukar Cherries has developed just-in-time manufacturing procedures. These strict processes ensure that fruit goes from orchard to customer in the shortest amount of time possible.

Chukar dries their fruit immediately after transport from local orchards. Cherries are dried in rotating air tunnels and preservatives, sulfites, artificial colorings and flavorings are never used. Also, many of Chukar Cherries’ fruits are dried without added sugar. Their chocolates are made by hand using pure cacao, natural coloring and a simple sugar-water shine. Chukar® preserves and sauces are also made with only natural ingredients.

Chukar Cherries limits the amount of transportation necessary for their products by keeping their manufacturing facility near the orchards where their cherries are grown. Their stores are located at factory headquarters in Prosser, WA—in the heart of one of the Northwest’s cherry growing regions, and in Seattle’s Pike Place Market—one of the largest farmer’s markets in the nation.

The Chukar Story
In 1988 our family launched Chukar Cherries on our beloved cherry orchard to showcase the natural bounty of Washington's fruit lands. To this day, our approach in the Chukar Kitchen is simple—transform tree-ripened local fruits and hearty nuts into freshly-made, extraordinary cherry and chocolate gifts. One taste and you’ll know that Chukar is synonymous with the Best of Nature, Best of Chocolate®!


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