Spiritual Growth Withstands Everyday Stress Says Psychology Researcher Dr. Charles Tart

In-depth interview with distinguished psychology researcher and author Dr. Charles Tart explores his research findings and personal conclusions about spirituality, meditation and transpersonal psychology.

Del Mar, CA, March 15, 2007 --(PR.com)-- Join host Alex Tsakiris when he interviews renowned psychology researcher and author, Dr. Charles Tart about his experiences with the “science of parapsychology.”

During the 30-minute interview Tart stresses the importance of spiritual values born out of experience: “I think we need to have deep spiritual values, and they need to come out of experiences that really teach us at a deep level. They can’t come by somebody preaching at us and telling us how we should feel and so forth.  We need a spirituality in our culture that taps into what is real, and taps-in in a deep way, so it will stand up to the stress of everyday life.”

He also discusses the social implications of rejecting a materialistic paradigm: “If you think the mind is nothing but the functioning of the brain, then obviously, an old person is going to die soon, and that’s the end of their consciousness.  So, let’s say they have problems with their coconsciousness. They’re kind of neurotic.  They cause a lot of suffering.  They do unskillful things and all that.  Is it worthwhile to try and help them?  I mean, since they’re going to die and that’s the end anyway.  On the other hand, if various spiritual systems are correct, and we have evidence pointing in that general direction, and we somehow survive death in some form, then maybe we have to take a longer term view of how we deal with people.”

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Dr. Tart is the author of over a dozen books and has published more than 250 articles in professional journals and books, including such prestigious scientific journals as Science and Nature.

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