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Strategy For Coaches, has scheduled a webcast on the Blue Ocean Strategy which will begin with a introduction to the topic, discuss real world examples and finish with ideas for profitably applying the knowledge to the business of coaching.

Wilmington, DE, May 29, 2011 --( For a profession as young as coaching, a well thought out strategy is vital for success. Strategy For Coaches addresses this need with quarterly fee-free webcasts on topics related to strategy and geared towards professional coaches. The May 2011 webcast will be on the Blue Ocean Strategy Applied To Coaching.

The Blue Ocean Strategy shows that the best way to beat your competition is, in fact, to stop competing against them. Most businesses try to outperform their rivals through incremental changes in price or quality - assessing what their competitors do and striving to do the same things better. As the market space becomes more crowded, supply overtakes demand causing products and services to become commoditized, encouraging price wars and rapid feature duplication among rivals. Markets that are well explored and already crowded with competitors are called "red oceans." They are called red because the only way to increase profits is by taking away market share from the competition. This usually results in bloody battles where few companies emerge unscathed.

“Blue oceans” on the other hand represent uncontested market space - pools of potential demand and customers that have not been reached by any competitor. Technological advances represent one path blue oceans are developed, but another one is creative thinking that discards conventional wisdom and current product/service design. The end goal of this creative thinking process is value innovation. Value innovation is the raison d'etre of the Blue Ocean Strategy.

Why should this matter to coaches? Through intuition, trial and error or just plain luck, people stumble on strategies that have a proven track record of success. Although not likely intentional, the Blue Ocean Strategy was the strategy that started the coaching profession, so this topic should be of particular interest to professional coaches. This webcast will provide a thorough introduction to the Blue Ocean Strategy and then discuss how a more complete implementation of the strategy could make the coaching profession far more lucrative for coaches while providing clients with an even better value proposition.

The webcast will be recorded and broadcast on Monday, May 30th at 12:00 AM, 1:00 PM and 6:00 PM GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) and Tuesday, May 31st at 12:00 AM, 1:00 PM and 6:00 PM GMT. A live online discussion group will follow the webcast. A short preview of the presentation can be found on the Strategy For Coaches YouTube channel:

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