Marlon Familton, Marriage and Family Therapist in Bellevue Washington Announces the Publication of a Letter Designed to Invite Your Spouse to Counseling

Bellevue, WA, May 30, 2011 --( Marlon Familton, Marriage Counselor at Collaborative Couples & Family Counseling, LLC, announces the publication of a letter designed to invite reluctant partners to counseling.

Many times one spouse or partner in a relationship will believe the relationship is not working. They will make efforts to adjust the relationship, often through fighting for change or working to connect. However, when that fails and the connection grows cold, depression and detachment can set in.

"One of the biggest problems I see when couples come in to work on their relationship is that they have waited far too long." Familton says. "I hear one partner report that they wanted to be in counseling years ago, the other partner refused or would not hear that there was a problem. Now they feel done with the relationship and the work is much more difficult."

Threat of major change is a huge impetus for people to see couple counseling. When one partner moves out, asks for a divorce, or has an affair, those are finally seen as signals of a relationship in distress. But is it too late?

"When something big happens, then the resistance partner becomes the one fighting for the relationship and asks for the other to come to counseling," Familton says. "If a couple would seek counseling when they start to feel disconnected, the odds go up that we can understand the negative cycle blocking connection and facilitate positive change in the relationship."

"Many times when one partner is asking for divorce and refuses the work on the relationship, the other will complain that they never took their hands and sat them on the couch to directly and clearly state that they need changes or the relationship may fail. I have written this letter to aid partners in communicating exactly that."

Marlon Familton is a licensed mental health counselor specializing on couples and marriage counseling. He is a trained Emotionally Focused Therapist and focuses his private practice on relationship issues.

The letter can be found at in the resource section. Marlon can be reached through is website at

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