Top Denver Agent Releases New Report Outlining Solutions for Homeowners Seeking to Avoid Foreclosure

Denver, CO, June 01, 2011 --( Online report outlines lender participation and government programs for homeowners struggling to make mortgage payments in the Denver Colorado Metro Area.

Local CDPE-designated agent, Ethan Besser of Keller Williams, has developed a website report providing information regarding the availability of lender and government programs to avoid foreclosure, including the Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternative Program, or "HAFA."

This community resource is available at and explains the benefits of short sales, or selling a property for less than the current mortgage amount owed. Benefits include decreased damage to credit, protection of security clearance and the potentially harmful affects of foreclosure on employment. Some programs offer cash incentives for homeowners who are struggling with mortgage payments and successfully complete a short sale or deed-in-lieu of foreclosure.

"Lenders and the federal government have recently updated and enhanced their foreclosure avoidance programs, making more members of our community eligible for assistance." Besser said. "With this report, I'm showing homeowners the benefits of short sales to their financial futures, and to the stability of our community."

In late December 2010, the Department of the Treasury updated and improved eligibility standards for the HAFA program. They also enhanced efficiency guidelines for lenders, streamlining the process and making it a more effective solution for homeowners to avoid foreclosure.

Outline of government programs, loan modifications and short sales have been showing vast improvements," Besser said. "Lenders are ramping up their resources and putting systems in place to make their foreclosure alternative programs more efficient."

The CDPE Designation Besser has acquired provides a specific understanding of the complex issues confronting distressed homeowners. Through comprehensive training and experience, CDPE-designated agents are able to provide solutions for homeowners facing financial hardship in today's market.

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