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Edward Lehman Featured Guest on National Business Television Show

Beijing, China, March 15, 2007 --(PR.com)-- Edward Lehman, managing partner of the firm Lehman, Lee & Xu recently appeared on CCTV International’s television show, BizChina, a show watched around the world. Mr. Lehman was an in-studio guest and discussed various aspects of the new proposed tax reforms in China. The annual meeting of the National People’s Congress is currently considering an equalization of taxes among both foreign and Chinese companies, which will, effectively lower taxes for Chinese domestic companies and increase taxes among foreign invested enterprises in China. 

Edward Lehman was, overall, positive about the new tax system, stating, "The reason people are entering the China market isn't because of the tax incentives," but "because there is entry for a 1.3 billion person market. The reason we would like to have a decent amount of money coming into the taxes is so that the government can take care of the infrastructure.” In summary, Mr. Lehman was of the opinion that the tax increases for foreign investors would not dampen their interest in China's markets, but would also have other positive effects such as improving infrastructure and assisting in China’s development. (To view the program, please go to

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Lehman, Lee & Xu is a prominent Chinese corporate law firm and trademark and patent agency with offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Macau, and Mongolia. The firm is managed by Mr. Edward Lehman, who has nearly twenty years of legal experience in China.

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