- An Unbiased "Meta" Comparison Shopper that Lets Consumers Access Multiple Comparison Shopping Engines

Sunnyvale, CA, March 16, 2007 --( has been re-launched as a "Meta" comparison shopping service that allows shoppers to easily access more than a dozen top comparison shopping engines.

Online comparison shopping is a highly competitive and fast evolving area with many different technologies available.

RoboShopper aims to provide an easy to use navigation interface where users can try ALL (or most of) the major engines, as well as some of the newer ones. RoboShopper also support local shopping and searching for product reviews/ratings and information.

RoboShopper is not, itself, a search engine, but rather a navigation system that makes it easy for users to view and compare the results of queries on a number of comparison shopping systems.

According to RoboShopper president, Marty Ford, "As online comparison shopping continues to be tremendously competitive, with no clear winner emerging (yet), we think it makes a lot of sense to provide a gateway site where consumers can easily access all the alternatives."


RoboShopper was one of the first comparison shopping engines (introduced in 1997), and was initially implemented as a client-side browser add-in. As an individual shopping engine, RoboShopper failed to keep up with the technical advances of its competitors. The service has now been redirected to provide an un-biased portal site where shoppers can explore a variety of comparison shopping technologies.

Marty Ford