Clandestine Meth Lab Clean Up Now Possible with Crystal Clean Methamphetamine Decontaminant Saving Property and Money

Huntsville, AL, March 16, 2007 --( EFT announced today a technological breakthrough in Clandestine Meth Lab cleanup. EFT just finished a year long study involving meth lab cleanup sites across the nation using Crystal Clean. In every case, Crystal Clean neutralized methamphetamine from every surface. Industrial Hygienist’s post test reports proved Crystal Clean reduced the toxic levels of methamphetamine to near undetectable levels in every case.

Crystal Clean methamphetamine decontaminant was developed from the original technology of EasyDECON™ 200 Decontamination Solution. Crystal Clean is safe, reliable and environmentally friendly. The costs associated with traditional meth lab cleanup are now significantly reduced thanks to this revolutionary solution and technology.

EFT, headquartered in Huntsville, AL, is a licensee of the Department of Energy's Sandia National Laboratories for the commercialization of the decontamination technology originally developed by Sandia National Laboratories of Albuquerque, NM. EFT’s product is fielded in military operational theaters around the world for the decontamination of chemical and biological weapons of mass destruction. EFT provides its decontamination products directly to the federal government U.S. Military and through a distribution network to local government agencies, as well as strategic commercial and industrial markets.

The development of Crystal Clean is one part of a family of commercial products geared at remediating and restoring private homes and businesses. EFT has developed another unique and patented disinfectant for the fight against toxic mold. Mold that plagues homeowners, and the health concerns for people living in and around mold, have been on EFT’s forefront. “We now offer a complete line of products for the professional remediator that will save property owners thousands of dollars in remediation costs,” says Kevin Irvine, General Manager.

Crystal Clean is now available for purchase by professional remediators through EFT or EFT’s distributors Intelagard, Inc. of Broomfield, CO,, and Global Decon Solutions of Dallas, TX,

Information on EFT, Crystal Clean and all of EFT’s products can be found at, or for additional details, contact Kevin Irvine, General Manager at (256) 489-9245.

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Greg Edwards