Has Ifizzy Got Something to Yell About?

Successful advertising campaigns are a necessary part of a companies outlook, but for many small businesses, the simple question is who to choose.

Rochester, United Kingdom, March 16, 2007 --(PR.com)-- According to Stuart Salter, Head of Communications at Salter Computing, Ifizzy.com is quite simply the "best value for money advertising strategy in the UK today."

Ifizzy Ltd like many other advertising companies these days, are finding, the internet is providing an instant, hungry market ready to feast on the banquet of services offered. However, as Stuart will have us believe, simply being in the market for good advertising will in no way, "guarantee an expected outcome."

Tired of his fruitless efforts, Stuart is turning to Ifizzy in a bid to increase his turnover and customer catchment area.

He asks, "How many other advertising companies offer a business such as mine, the best opportunity, to reach their market within a matter of seconds, for just £10 per year." Admittedly, the pricing structure is attractive, but just what do businesses like Stuart's get for that £10 per year in return?

According to the IT specialist, "the opportunity to advertise their business services in full," which  is inclusive of "a link to my company website, with a detailed services offered description" and the knowledge that for £10 per year the business budget will not be breached.

Price is obviously the driving factor behind the Ifizzy gameplan, but with many other strategies available to the business advertiser, is the over all standard of service offered by Ifizzy.com comparable to the likes of Yell or Thompson Local for example?

Stuart is in no doubt "Ifizzy.com offer a service equatable to both, but, at an affordable price."

This sentiment is echoed by Ifizzy Ltd Managing Director Alex Neary, who explained "Salter Computing are a progressive company, who like us, are in our business infancy, we are proud to have been able to help in this instance, and are totally commited to securing the maximum exposure for all our business advertisers."

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