Transitions International Group and Jernigans of Raleigh Offer the Latest Information Regarding Hair

Transitions International Group, the largest group of its kind worldwide, has just completed its semi-annual seminar regarding the latest hair loss techniques and two worldwide exclusive presentations on new technologies.

Raleigh, NC, June 04, 2011 --( Made up of more than 65 specialists from around the world, Transitions studies the causes of hair loss and the latest treatments, technologies and techniques to overcome and correct its effects. The largest group of its kind in the world, Transitions International Group just completed its semi-annual three day Seminar in Southern California.

On the agenda were two worldwide exclusive presentations. The first, a new and improved hand held "cool laser" that was recently cleared by the FDA to promote hair growth, was shown to the membership. The second was a revolutionary skin rejuvenation program that might ultimately be incorporated in to hair Studios.

Members from Australia, Canada, Great Britain and the U.S. were in attendance. They were treated to new "technical tips" on how to service and support various hair loss techniques. These tips were submitted by Technicians from Studios around the globe, developed from years of experience with hair loss clients.

Besides improving their technical expertise with clients, Members were also trained on the latest scalp products and laser light therapy to help promote hair regrowth.

"Being the only trained Affiliate from Raleigh to the East Coast, and receiving the training that is supplied at each Meeting helps me to offer the latest and the best to my clients dealing with Hair Loss," says Susan Jernigan, from Jernigan's Hair Replacement Clinic.

Jernigan's Hair Replacement Clinic has been the number one leading hair replacement clinic in the Raleigh, North Carolina area for over thirty years. We have been helping men and women with the latest techniques in hair replacement and restoration procedures for over 30 years. We specialize in medical, non-medical and treatments for hair loss.

Our mission is to educate you about hair loss and provide you with a real solution to your hair loss using state-of-the-art proven techniques and procedures. We are committed to helping you discover that the look and feel that you always wanted is actually attainable

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