Dr. Brad Semp Busted the Myth of Busyness with Donna Marie Thompson, PhD CEO of Goals in Action, LLC on the Bouncing Back Now Show on RCRN TV

Dr Brad Semp explored top ways to tame the epidemic of busyness to enhance relationships. Dr. Semp uses a “Busyness Circle” and a 5-part system called the IDEAL Action Process™to help people to get out of the busyness trap.

Washington, DC, June 06, 2011 --(PR.com)-- As Donna Marie Thompson's special guest on the Bouncing Back Now show on the Real Coaching Radio TV Network, Dr. Brad Semp highlighted the major impacts that busyness has on romantic relationships. Dr. Brad Semp is the world’s only Busyness Doctor™; he helps clients get out of the business trap and learn how to live a life of joy and maximum fulfillment. Dr. Semp coaches individuals and businesses to take focused action to produce intended results without sacrificing happiness, health, or relationships. He is the host of the Busyness TV show.

Dr. Semp shared sobering statistics:

83% of people check their email once a day while on vacation

62% check work email over the weekend

43% check their email first thing every morning

15% admit to being addicted to email.

According to Dr. Semp: "Busyness has a major impact on our lives. It appears that our Western society is in hyper drive. We have so many time-saving tools yet we run around with endless to-do lists. I define busyness as the conduct of non-meaningful activity. This does not mean that people can't have fun – but fun should be slotted into purposeful fun time. The key theme is to focus on what you need to do when you need to do it - no procrastination - then do what you want next after that. It is all about intention."

Dr. Semp described the four causes of busyness as: technology, mindset, people, and stuff – which includes routine errands and chores. "Technology affects our relationships the most – but it does not mean that technology is evil in of itself and needs to be avoided at all costs. In fact in my own marriage we have struggled with technology interruptions."

Dr. Semp shared: "3 things to do:

1. Know exactly what you want in a relationship.
2. Be intentional in designing your actions; plan to spend time together daily, weekly, or monthly
3. Implement technology-free days."

Dr. Semp also shared: "3 things not to do:

1. Allow your actions to trump your words. Your actions must dictate that your partner is your #1 priority in life.
2. Do not try to juggle various keystones of your life; be fully present in each at the right time.
3. Put energy into cultivating digital relationships."

Dr. Semp uses a “Busyness Circle” and a 5-part system called the IDEAL Action Process™ to help people to get out of busyness trap.

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