A Worldwide Novelty: Flashbox Makes Automatic Blinkers a Means of Communication for Cars and Trucks

Flirting, thanking and apologizing by blink signal: Hawk Company Europe starts sales of the wireless blink system at first exclusively in Germany

Berlin, Germany, March 17, 2007 --(PR.com)-- In the future, communication in road traffic for car and truck drivers will be very simple: with the clear and internationally understandable blinker signals of the innovative Flashbox. The little hardware box can be easily connected to the blinker relay of any vehicle, and immediately you can say thanks, apologize and even flirt by blink signal with a radio control. The Flashbox is a patented invention of Matthias Frey, a native of Baden-Württemberg, who is offering his wireless blink system exclusively to partner companies in Germany on behalf of Hawk Company Europe Ltd.

The Flashbox provides a unique means of communication for car and truck drivers. The blink system is installed in just a few minutes in any sort of vehicle and six different blinking signals can be activated by radio remote control: for instance for truck drivers the internationally known "thank you" signal (blinker left, right, left, emergency flasher once), but also blink sequences for "many thanks", "warning", "have a good trip", “worried" and "annoyed". Apart from the "thank you" signal, the car version also contains blinking signals for "apology", "annoyed", "disappointed", "in love" and "stop for more?".

"For the first time, the Flashbox allows complicated flash sequences to be activated with only a single push of a button", explains Matthias Frey, Flashbox inventor and Managing Director of Hawk Company Europe Ltd. "This allows a worldwide internationally understandable and especially secure communication in road traffic." As of December 2006, the Flashbox is available at first exclusively in Germany in a car and truck version for the price of 89.95 euros. After 2007 the Flashbox will become available worldwide by degrees. Additional information as well as printable press photos are available for downloading at http://myflashbox.com/press/fotos.html.

TV coverage: http://youtube.com/watch?v=W5te6Ry0VRg
Commercial spot: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qYxa9qsq804

About Hawk Company Europe Ltd.
Hawk Company Europe was founded as a "Limited" company by Matthias Frey in 2004, with its head office in Birmingham/Great Britain. The native of Baden-Württemberg designed electrotechnical control systems for companies for ten years before he began development of the Flashbox in 2004. The Flashbox is produced by the well-known company Gerhard Kurz GmbH, which has developed electronic control systems for large German companies for many years.

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