CaringWise Demos Product to Acclaim at TiECon East 2011

In front of entrepreneurs, investors—and a number of deeply interested family caregivers—CaringWise unveiled its platform at the TiECon East 2011 conference. CaringWise is a home health care work flow platform that simplifies caregiving, reduces stress and improves health care outcomes.

Boston, MA, June 08, 2011 --( Last Thursday night, CaringWise, Inc. unveiled the CaringWise platform before hundreds of attendees at TiECon East 2011. Not surprisingly, many conference attendees—entrepreneurs, investors and other advisors in the local entrepreneurial eco-system—are also family caregivers themselves. And they immediately saw the utility of CaringWise in helping simplify coordination and communication among the care teams they are part of. Clicking through the screens, one woman enthused that she could see herself using the platform while she sips her coffee in the morning. As she noted, “Caregiving is an evolution. You start out being helpful and you end up with a complete lifestyle change. You have to be very organized.”

CaringWise is designed specifically to support such organization through its optimized calendar, virtual pill box, medical records, journaling and other communications features.

As people gathered around to learn about CaringWise, general conversation turned to caregiving—and especially eldercare. After describing his wife’s situation, sharing care for her aging parents with siblings strewn across the nation, one man wryly observed the prevalence of eldercare among his peers—and its coming explosion; “It’s a tidal wave and it’s coming our way.”

CaringWise was among 7 companies chosen to give demonstrations at TiECon East; the company was also chosen to participate in the prestigious TiE Entrepreneur Forum, where CaringWise executives had a series of meetings with venture capitalists and other advisors.

CaringWise markets directly to family caregivers and is actively recruiting professional care-manager partners.

About CaringWise
CaringWise is a web-and mobile-enabled platform that helps family members organize all the information, communication and coordination around caring for someone with a complex medical condition or who is aging-in-place. Born from a desire to help relieve caregiver stress while fostering independence where possible, CaringWise is a home health care work flow platform that simplifies caregiving, reduces stress and improves health care outcomes. Founded in 2010, CaringWise is based in Boston, Massachusetts. For more information please visit:

About TiE Con East 2011
TiECON East is one of the nation’s largest annual entrepreneurship conferences. Started in 1998 in Boston it facilitates sharing of best practices and networking among entrepreneurs, angel investors, venture capitalists and others. TiECON East 2011, held in Waltham, Massachusetts, brought together more than 50 world-class speakers and attracted 500+ professionals from a range of industries. Within the conference, the Entrepreneur Forum is a platform for entrepreneurs seeking capital and advice to interact one-on-one with industry experts from VC’s, Angels, Charter Members and Service Partners. For more information please visit:

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