Unique Time Capsule Project Allows Users to Store Their Lives for Future Generations

The Paradion project gives users the opportunity to store their views, dreams and experiences -- the whole of their lives -- over the ages, for eternity.

New York, NY, March 17, 2007 --(PR.com)-- Paradion, www.paradion.com, is a new unique project that aims to preserve the personal messages of its users for the future.

“In the globalized world, where the main emphasis is on information, transmission speed and data sharing opportunities, we overlook the value which memories, daily joys and cares have for us – ordinary human life,” says Peter Bures, co-founder of Paradion project. “That could be an immense value in the future. What picture of us will future generations form? How will our era go down in history?”

Paradion project will store messages from the present, in the form of photographs and texts by individuals, for future generations. State-of-the-art technology will transfer individual messages onto special archiving films, which will be deposited in an airtight container in the earth under a majestic monument. The site will be selected by Paradion participants themselves. Each Paradion participant will receive an personal certificate and a glass plaque.

All Paradion participants prepare their own message. Each message is a full-colour document. It is entirely up to them how they want to fill this space. For example, they can enter photos of themselves or their families, their family trees, drawings or various texts with their unique perspectives on life, their dreams or personal diaries.

“Thanks to the Paradion project, each of us has the opportunity to store our views, dreams and experiences – the whole of your life - over the ages, for eternity,” says Peter Bures.

Although modern data storage technology in digital form such as memory stick, hard disk, CD and DVD is advanced and offers a high capacity, it is not appropriate for long-term archiving, according to Pardion project creators.

“We have spent a long time considering the technology that will be able to ensure the long-term survival of your message,” said Peter Bures. “In the end, we opted to transfer information via state-of-the-art technology to special high-resolution archiving film material which, if stored correctly, can last for centuries, perhaps even millennia.“

A lot of information – in full colour – can be stored in a small amount of space. When discovered, this analogue recording and testimonies will be visible to the naked eye with no need for current technology. If enlarged with appropriate optical equipment, the recording is legible in high resolution and can then be prepared for re-digitization in the future.

All the messages produced by Paradion participants will be placed in a double-walled watertight and airtight sarcophagus, which will be installed in a vertical shaft at a depth with a constant temperature. The shaft will be securely sealed. A majestic monument erected above the storage area will serve as a reminder of the exceptionality of the site for many years. The place where the messages are stored will be selected by Paradion participants themselves.

All participants can cast a vote for the country in which they would most like to see the Paradion messages deposited. The Paradion monument will then be constructed in the country with the most votes.

“You will have the chance to select the site where your message is stored, therefore directly determining where the monument of the unique Paradion project will be located, for instance in your home country,” says Peter Bures. “This is an exceptional limited offer. Only the first 111,111 applications from around the world will be accepted in the project, thus guaranteeing the uniqueness of your decision.”

For more information, please visit http://www.paradion.com

About Paradion:
Paradion is an international project launched in March, 2007. Mantaki Ltd, the operator of the Paradion, was set up in Manchester, England, in October 2006.
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