Free Agency Believes in Real Love at First Sight

Draper, UT, March 20, 2007 --( Free Agency believes in Real Love at first sight and decides to take action by uniting with Greg Baer the Author of Real Love to Spread unconditional love across the world. The alliance was a match made in heaven as Free Agency continues to make alliances that teach the world how to be a free agent.

Free Agency was actually inspired partly by the book Real Love. When the Free Agency and Real Love team decided to match up they knew they had a dream team ready to take on the world. Jason Hawks and Ty Erickson Co-Founders of Free Agency have been huge fans of the book for sometime and said they considered it to be one of the best if not the best book they had read. Knowing that Greg Baer and Real Love had the message to change the world they quickly began to work on creating a campaign that would bring this match together.

“I can't begin to tell you how excited we are to work with Greg and Real Love. I can easily say I am honored to be allowed to spread such a vital message across the world. If you want to truly own your life, live in peace, have great relationships and live up to your true potential, then Real Love is the program for you,” says Ty Erickson.

Free Agency is a full service marketing company that is dedicated to making a big and lasting impact on the world. Through branding, marketing and promotion Free Agency will bring lasting change to organizations and individuals. They believe that Free Agency is a state of being, a way of thinking, a way of life, and a way of doing! Ultimately the impact of our choices has a greater impact on who we truly are than do our abilities.

For twenty years, Greg Baer, M.D. was a highly successful surgeon, teacher, civic and church leader, businessman, and entrepreneur. He taught the latest in surgical techniques to other physicians across the country and accumulated wealth and respect. He had everything that most of us want in order to be happy, but something was still missing—he felt empty and miserable. He became a drug addict and nearly committed suicide. In his subsequent search for genuine happiness, he learned some simple and powerful principles that have greatly enriched the lives of thousands.

As people learn the principles of Real Love, they almost uniformly ask how they can find and feel the real thing. They want to feel the actual power of Real Love. Fortunately, there are so many course of actions we can take to find Real Love and experience its healing power.

“We've heard songs about it, seen it in the movies, heard it talked about on Oprah by relationship experts, and read about it in thousands of self help books. But, what is unconditional love? We all want to feel loved. We think about it, hope for it, fantasize about it, go to great lengths to achieve it, and feel that our lives are incomplete without it. The lack of unconditional love is the cause of most of our anger and confusion. It is no exaggeration to say that our emotional need for unconditional love is just as great as our physical need for air and food,” states Greg Baer.

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