"Next Gen" Resume is Here - And It's Not Video

"Next gen" resume is a digitally signed MS Word document to insure that it can't be edited or altered by the candidate or anyone else as it travels the world.

"Next Gen" Resume is Here - And It's Not Video
Charlotte, NC, March 20, 2007 --(PR.com)-- After 40 years of remaining unchanged, the “next gen” resume is here… and it’s not video.

Résuméfit’s “next gen” resume brings important benefits to candidates and their prospective employers. The “next gen” resume gives candidates the opportunity to identify themselves as being qualified and therefore worthy of serious review specific to the job they’re applying for; and (2) it gives employers the ability to make more well-informed candidate selection decisions.

Standard-traditional resumes are inherently untrustworthy, and this unshakeable fact is well-known by candidates, employers, recruiters, job boards – basically anyone who processes resumes.

The big issue is not what information to include in a resume. Simply ask some employers. More than a few are already collecting this information at their career websites causing candidates to basically complete the same application process over and over again at each career portal they visit.

Résuméfit’s web-based Dig-Sig IERS (Digitally-Signed Integrated Evidentiary Resume System (TM)) is a comprehensive resume system that offers candidates:

1. The ability to represent themselves best with critical scientific content such as workplace competencies and workplace personality information;
2. Candidate Fit Indices that provides the opportunity to identify themselves as being qualified and therefore worthy of serious review specific to the job they’re applying for;
3. An auto-generated comprehensive web portfolio;
4. An MS Word document that is HR-XML parser friendly for increased computer parsing precision.

Then there is the biggest problem of all. How does a candidate insert critical content from a trustworthy source into their MS Word document (99% of all resumes and CVs are in MS Word), and insure the information is not edited or altered by the candidate while in their possession or by anyone else as their resume travels around the world? Data integrity, trustworthiness, and seamless integration into present day hiring processes are key issues.

Résuméfit's digital certificate from VeriSign is used to sign every Dig-Sig IERS (TM). If Résuméfit’s digital signature is on the MS Word document, you can trust that it came from Résuméfit and that the resume has not been altered or edited by the candidate.

In light of the financial restraints and stress of being unemployed, or contemplating their next career move, the cost to a candidate is only $37. There is no cost to employers.

Candidates and employers are invited to easily review a Dig-Sig IERS (TM) at www.resumefit.com.

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