Buttons Inspire Jewelry Designer’s Signature Line

Houston, TX, June 15, 2011 --(PR.com)-- Although she was a successful jewelry designer, it took Stephanie White decades to step into her power as a confident, independent woman. Among one of the most important lessons she learned along the way is: No one can push your “buttons” if you don’t let them.

As a result Stephanie became intrigued with buttons as a new element of jewelry design. It’s her way of creating something positive from former negative energy.

“Buttons inspire me," says Stephanie, “because when you ‘own’ your buttons, no one can push them and make you react! That was a tough lesson for me to learn, and now it’s a great reminder when my customers and I step out wearing our special buttons as an empowerment message.”

Designing beaded jewelry since the age of twelve, Stephanie serves customers throughout North America who love her designs as well as the meaning behind them. She starts with a room full of beads and buttons she has collected that speak to her in terms of color, style or shape. Using patterns found in decorating magazines, wall-paper, nature and other resources, Stephanie combines her materials into signature designs – most of them one-of-a-kind inspirations. She takes pride in blending unique combinations of rare beads, buttons, pendants, crystals, pearls and wire to create original jewelry designs.

“Every one of my necklaces and bracelets are hand-made and convey a message, a mood, and an expression that hopefully will resonate with the women who wear it,” notes Stephanie.

Her jewelry is sold on her website, www.SWCreations.net where her loyal customers know that every piece of jewelry they order is distinctive in its own way – a unique design that won’t be duplicated or mass-produced.

On her website customers also learn about Stephanie’s personal story in surviving an abusive marriage and serious health issues. She has become an inspiration for many women who purchase her jewelry throughout the year to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries and other special occasions. Others use her beautiful designs as part of fund-raising activities for their charity of choice. Every year Stephanie donates money to breast cancer and other women’s charities. She also supports many domestic abuse awareness groups and has even instructed classes during which women create their own domestic abuse awareness bracelets. She finds it especially gratifying to know she is playing a part in promoting healing for women around the world. “I believe if my story helps just one woman, it is worth telling,” says Stephanie.

To learn more about Stephanie White and her designs, visit http://www.swcreations.net, call 866 789-2323 or contact her at beaddiva@att.net.

Stephanie A White