The Learning Alliance Introduces Programs to Treasure Coast Leaders

The Learning Alliance unveiled their innovative programs for the first time to leaders outside of Indian River County. The Learning Alliance is a local, grass-roots organization partnered with the School District of Indian River County to dramatically improve student literacy.

Vero Beach, FL, June 15, 2011 --( At the invitation of Bob Brunjes, President/Publisher of Scripps Treasure Coast Newspapers, The Learning Alliance welcomed Businesses for Better Education of St. Lucie County for a tour of Glendale Elementary, one of the 3 pilot schools in Indian River County participating in Learning Alliance programs. The Scripps Foundation has provided important support to The Learning Alliance, recently awarding the group a $25,000 grant. Bob Brunjes remarked; “Leaders are readers, and readers are leaders… That is what The Learning Alliance does, creating future leaders to ensure a vibrant local economy.” Also included in the tour were Amy Brunjes, manager of External Affairs for Florida Power and Light, Dr. Judi Miller, Director of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Indian River County, and John Dobbs, local philanthropist and part-time Memphis resident involved in Tennessee public schools.

Visiting three classrooms and observing literacy programs “in action” clearly demonstrated the quality curricula brought to the Indian River School District by The Learning Alliance. The visitors were visibly impressed with the students’ performance. John Dobbs marveled; “I was blown away. The students were engaged and well-behaved, showing mastery of the material.” After the tour, all met for a “debriefing” to discuss the merits and administration of the programs.

This visit marks the first time anyone from outside of Indian River County has observed The Learning Alliance programs, an important first step for the regional and national expansion envisioned by The Learning Alliance.

All programs of The Learning Alliance are made possible through the generosity of their Founding Members, including Mr. and Mrs. Ray Oglethorpe, Mr. and Mrs. Don Riefler, Barbara Becker Hurley, Dr. and Mrs. King Stubbs, and Mr. and Mrs. Whitney MacMillan.

The Learning Alliance
Madeleine Bouldin