U.S. Home Mortgage, LLC Continues to Bring On New Investors and Products Despite Recent Troubles in the Sub-prime Market

Kirkland, WA, March 20, 2007 --(PR.com)-- U.S. Home Mortgage CEO Mo Yousef announced today that his company is in good standing despite the recent changes in the housing market pertaining to sub-prime lending. Lenders are tightening up guidelines on sub-prime loans due to an increasing number of defaults in mortgage payments and foreclosures on homes. The cost of assuming such a risk is becoming too high for many lenders, forcing some to declare bankruptcy and go out of business entirely.

“It is our responsibility as mortgage brokers and lenders when dealing with sub-prime loans to protect home buyers with weaker credit scores and other financial difficulties from defaulting on mortgage payments and avoid foreclosure,” said Yousef. “This new trend is becoming a real concern for our clients, the community, and the mortgage industry as a whole.”

According to Yousef, “With the current market conditions, 100% financing may not necessarily always be the best solution for the client. The good news is that we can still provide borrowers in these situations with options and in many instances can offer as low as 5% down with seller notes on home purchases. We will continue to work closely with them while they clean up their credit scores and within a few years help them refinance their home at a better rate.”

To adapt to the recent changes in the industry, Yousef has personally committed his time to working 16-17 hour days over the past month to secure new investors and products to serve in the best interest of the client.

As a result, Yousef has successfully lined up investors who will finance any borrower with a credit score of 540 or higher at zero down using a 30% seller note at 70% -- no income verification, reserves or savings needed.

Many loan officers with the company have also dedicated their time to working longer hours during the week and on the weekends to find their clients the best loan options available.

“Beyond our clients, we are focused on maintaining the relationships we have in place with our network of real estate agents,” Yousef said. “We have access to more products than before and are now able to offer up to 100% LTV (loan-to-value) to our agents.”

“We will continue to offer our 80/20 home loan program,” Yousef added.

“We are committed to help everyone that we can purchase a home. We will continue to take every measure possible to help our clients the best we can, even as the market changes,” Yousef concluded.

Based in Kirkland, Wash., U.S. Home Mortgage specializes in financing home loans and collateral-based financing options for commercial loans. Helping people in financial difficulties, U.S. Home Mortgage also specializes in finding creative ways for people who are self employed, need 100% financing or the lowest down payment possible, or are behind in mortgage payments get the assistance they need in order to own their own home or business.

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