@Phone Provides Long-awaited Standard for Email

Red Bank, NJ, March 20, 2007 --(PR.com)-- StoneTimberRiver LLC today announced the Beta launch of @Phone, a free web-based direct messaging solution that leverages existing phone numbers as email addresses. In its most basic form, @Phone (www.phone.net) is a forwarding service that will direct email from "yourphonenumber"@phone.net to an individual's primary email address.

"@Phone is a patent-pending service designed to facilitate communications between friends, family and close business associates," said Derek DeBree, president, StoneTimberRiver. "@Phone is the long-awaited standard for all electronic messaging. In my case, email sent to 17328894783@phone.net is automatically forwarded to dsdebree@gmail.com. My friends, family, and associates no longer need to be concerned about my Internet Service Provider or my employer. Emails directed to any one of my several phone numbers will be forwarded by @Phone to the email address of my choice.  In an era of phone number portability, VoIP, and cellular as singular phone, this is an idea that will make people's lives easier." 

@Phone accounts are currently available to a limited number of Beta users at http://www.phone.net.  @Phone plans to move out of the Beta stage by the second half of 2007. 

"In the future," DeBree continued, "listing email addresses on business cards will be unnecessary. Email users will simply tell friends, family and associates -- `I'm on @Phone' to convey that their phone number doubles as their email address."

About StoneTimberRiver LLC and @Phone

Located in Fair Haven, N.J., StoneTimberRiver empowers customers with simple, yet high-powered applications that allow them to lead more efficient lives. StoneTimberRiver is privately held. For more information, contact the Company at (732) 889-4783 or visit http://www.phone.net.

Derek DeBree