First Time Release of Energy Equations for Variable Mass

Presents first time ever released energy equations that actually work (even work when placed into spreadsheets), and allows for variable mass. The energy equations are part of the ebook, "Thermal Oblivion," by Adam Pellegrino, and are observable for free in the book's preview section.

Webster, TX, March 20, 2007 --( For the first time ever released, Adam Pellegrino presents energy equations that not only work but also allows for the variability of mass. The equations were developed within the confines of a spreadsheet over years of trial, error, and effort.

The energy equations are publicly presented for free in the preview section of the ebook “Thermal Oblivion,” which is fully accessible at for the price $17.50. Thermal Oblivion is the hypothesis that Absolute Cold is no more bounded in temperature than Absolute Heat, where one extreme is regulated by the absence of all positive energy and the other extreme by the absence of all negative energy. Laws of reality are presented as well as the Solution to Bell’s Inequality, a planet is defined, our Big Bang Area is shown not to be alone, dimension law is introduced, and much more is uncovered. Thermal Oblivion is a theoretical physics book consisting of a compilation of works by Adam Pellegrino.

All equations hold up within the confines of a spreadsheet and are valid, even if supporting ideas prove inaccurate. Regardless of text, the equations presented rewrite our understanding of physics, as we know it. Never before have we ever had energy equations that balance out and sum up even in the face of changing mass, and according to laws of physics, mass is energy and energy is always in a state of ever changing form.

Adam Pellegrino