The Wright Scoop Launches E-Pub Book – the ABCs of Green Industry Communications

In honor of the month of June as national "effective communications" month, award-winning author The Wright Scoop – consultant, lecturer, & wordsmith, Sylvia Hoehns Wright has launched an e-pub format of her book, The ABCs of Green Industry Communications: assess, brand & communicate.

Richmond, VA, June 18, 2011 --( “At one time, Sesame Street’s Kermit the frog sang ‘It’s not easy being green’,” says the Wright Scoop – Sylvia Hoehns Wright, “and unfortunately more than 40 years later, it appears USA communications remain plagued with this issue.” For, solicited as a workshop instructor for the National League of Cities conference held in DC -, when Wright asked attendees to identify ‘greening’ in their communities, she received a disturbing response, an answer that should be a wake-up call to USA Industry as a whole. No one could identify their community's eco-leadership.

The ABCs of Green Industry Communications: assess, brand & communicate -
Aware present-day globalized markets require that you don’t simply sell your work but your self, through soliciting assignments, networking, and gaining credentials through education and experience, Sylvia Hoehns Wright became a recognized brand, ‘green’ advocate. A former tech/business communications specialist, Wright transitioned an avocation into an eco vocation encouraging all to ‘go green’, move life-styles from eco-weak to eco-chic.

Sharing her scoop – who, what, when, where, why, how and benefits of ‘greening’ niche markets, in her published research Wright – as well as other Industry professionals provide practical guidelines as well as tips and strategies for implementing required communication formats. First published in paper print, Wright partnered with iBookstoreSM to reach readers across all devices, starting with the 130 million+ customers who own an iPhone®, iPad®, or iPod touch® and shop at the iBookstore℠,

Words of Praise for Wright's Work -
“As a former educator, I’ve observed as Wright emphasizes, an image – brand must be relevant, avoid loss of market share through attrition, while placing emphasis on eco-greening aspects of the product or service provided." - Leonard O. Morrow, PhD, retired botanist and horticulturist

“Wright’s topic, Creating a Brand Name You, is 'right on target' with our objective of improving communication within our department.” - VA Housing Development Authority

“For the ‘original green industry’ it’s more important now than ever before to communicate effectively with our ever-changing end consumer - outdoor decorators and home gardeners. Staying relevant to emerging generations of customers will be one of our biggest tasks over the next decade and communication is the key. Ideas abound in Sylvia Wright’s research as she profiles some of the best marketers and communicators in the business, bringing fresh takes and new approaches to attracting and engaging customers.” – Bill Calkins, business manager at Ball Horticultural Company in West Chicago, Illinois.

Project Back Ground -
Acknowledging Leonard O. Morrow, PhD, retired botanist and horticulturist, as the person who initiate her involvement, it was Morrow who identified a void in education and solicited Wright to initiate research specific to ‘greening’ communications. As a result, Wright is the recipient of the ‘Turning America from Eco-weak to Eco-chic Award’. “Sylvia’s eco-chic advocacy embodies every aspect of consumer educational campaigns we hoped to inspire,” said Den Gardner, executive director of Project EverGreen,

A multi-sector green advocate, Wright contributes columns and articles to Green Profit and Today’s Garden Center magazines, Richmond Times Dispatch and Mid-Atlantic Grower newspapers, and VA BBB & Information Executive newsletters; and blogs for Build Green TV and VA’s Plant More Plants program. She has provided speeches/workshops for the All Cities Congressional City Conference held in DC, and is scheduled to provide a workshop for PLANET’s Green Industry Conference held at Louisville, Kentucky, Kentucky Expo Center,

To acquire assistance with ‘being seen as green – an eco-leader’, contact her for one-on-one coaching, key-note style speeches, instructor workshops or facilitation of planning sessions that identify market assessment, product/service analysis, communication formats; and more importantly, valued-added work ethics. Visit Wright’s web site for details or contact or call 804-672-6007; or, follow tweets at ID Wright Scoop -!/WrightScoop or follow postings at facebook The Wright Scoop -!/group.php?gid=84324851168.

As recipient of the Turning America from Eco-weak to Eco-chic Award, Wright challenges all to ‘change America’s landscape’, move their life-styles from eco-weak to eco-chic – ‘green’ life’s garden, one scoop at a time!

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