to Change Car Buying Process Forever - Charities and Other Fundraisers to Receive Generous Donations is launching a creative new program linking fundraising Charities and other Groups with consumer and community oriented Auto Dealers. When a Registered Fundraising Group Member buys a vehicle from any Registered Participating Dealer, the Dealer makes a Donation of $300 to the Charity/Group! A true win, win, win!

Loganville, GA, March 20, 2007 --( is launching an innovative new program, combining fundraising for Charities and other Groups with lead generation and sales for Auto Dealers. This clever new program connects the vast fundraising community, its members and supporters with their local auto dealerships to the benefit of everyone involved! When a Registered Fundraising Group Member buys a vehicle from any Registered Participating Dealer, they simply present their Donation Form and the Dealer makes a $300 Donation to the Registered Fundraising Group in the member/buyer’s name. This will change the way customers buy cars forever! Why would anyone not take advantage of this free program when buying a car and gift $300 to their favorite Group or Charity?   

The Dealer benefits from quality customers choosing their store to do business with. As a Participating Dealer, when a member/buyer purchases a vehicle, the Dealer makes a Donation of $300 in the member/buyer’s name to their Registered Group. The recognition and goodwill Dealers receive from their community for supporting local charities and groups is priceless. There is never a contract involved for Participating Dealers.  

Fundraising has become increasingly difficult in recent years for all kinds of charities, schools, churches, local sports associations, faith based groups, community civic and social groups. Individuals and Businesses have cut back drastically on charitable donations of all kinds. Through dealers have the opportunity to show their appreciation of their customers and support activities in their communities without spending any additional funds!

The Group benefits from the $300 Donation they receive when a member/supporter buys a vehicle from a Participating Dealer. The group can also benefit from the optional email program. They can have do all the work and email the group’s membership about this incredible ongoing opportunity to raise funds for the group and encourage their participation, thereby increasing donation dollars. The Group can plan their next project and then just “Watch the funds roll in!”

The member/buyer benefits from the preferred customer vip treatment they receive from their Participating Dealer when buying a car. They can take great satisfaction in having their purchase benefit the charity or group they support. The Donation, made in their name, may be tax deductible for them, depending on the tax exempt status of their group. They also have access to direct links to the websites of their favorite dealers, where they can search inventories, look for specials and make an appointment directly with their chosen Participating Dealer. has also created numerous affiliate relationships with a variety of national companies to provide easy access and links to the finest in auto buying and research tools, financial companies, insurance companies, auto value research tools and other assistance to group members . All the companies on this site are among the best in their field and have a history of excellence in customer satisfaction.

If a buyer does not belong to a Registered Group, they may select one from their community or a favorite national charity to receive their Donation. If their favorite hometown dealer is not yet registered as a Participating Dealer, they should ask them to go online and register before making their purchase!

As a web based enterprise,  will be available nationwide across the USA. From little Hometowns to Big Cities, this unique program will be at work, available any time, all the time! Dealers and Groups across the country, of every size, can “Watch the funds roll in!”

This program will definitely change the car buying habits of America. Now that you know, will you ever buy a car again without a free Donation Form? Get yours at!

Cathy M Starnes