SalesGuard Looking to Crowd Source Its Sales Team

Business Coverage experts, SalesGuard, open its doors to recruit new agents through its social marketing campaigns.

Westlake Village, CA, June 21, 2011 --( SalesGuard, aiming to become the new standard in business coverage, is going to use social networking sites to recruit new agents, assist them as they sell SalesGuard and provide an ever increasing resource of business tips, news and information to help business owners.

SalesGuard has already begun trafficking through sites like Facebook ( and Twitter (@SalesGuard). They have also established a company blog site to provide helpful information and news items for business owners looking to understand the new landscape of digital business resources as well as to answer various industry specific questions. These sites and networking platforms like Tumblr ( and Linkedin ( are open to promoting a community of agents, businesses, affiliates and customers.

Through their various social networking profiles, efforts, and marketing SalesGuard has reached out to various associations and organizations. A part of its ever expanding vault of benefits, SalesGuard will be offering rewards programs, discounts, and other advantages to SalesGuard members, some exclusive to their social networking sites.

SalesGuard provides cash coverage and protection for every business need. Since SalesGuard is not insurance or a loan, there is no upfront cost or monthly premium. You only incur an expense if and when you use it. With SalesGuard, many businesses are able to stay current with their landlord, cover a short fall, make necessary loan payments, and even supplement payroll. Many Financial Institutions, Leasing Companies and Insurance Agents are offering SalesGuard for greater security and protection that on time payments are always made.

“We want to open every possible communication channel. Not just for customer service or to advertise, but to create a pipeline of resources everyone can use to better their business. Business coverage should be more than just an insurance policy. It should be answers and we want to help provide them,” said Josh Allen, Chief Operating Officer of SalesGuard.

95% of all business owners who apply, qualify for SalesGuard. SalesGuard is based on business credit card sales; therefore, personal credit plays almost no role. There are no restrictions on how you can use the money received from your SalesGuard Coverage.

If you'd like more information about SalesGuard to secure your business, please visit or call (888) 838 – 1717, or e-mail

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