TWA Flight 800: Multimedia Review of CIA Animated Crash Sequence

To explain eyewitness accounts of a missile hitting TWA Flight 800, a team at the CIA created an animation entitled "TWA Flight 800: What Did the Eyewitnesses See?" The FBI held a nationally televised press conference to present the animation, which showed the jetliner climbing 3000 feet and trailing flames. During the animated climb, the CIA narrator said, "This may have looked like a missile attacking an aircraft." A new review of the animation explains its shortcomings.

East Falmouth, MA, June 20, 2011 --( 182 eyewitnesses reported seeing a rising streak of light in the immediate vicinity of TWA Flight 800 when it crashed off the coast of Long Island, NY on July 17, 1996. Some said that it hit the jetliner.

The US government first presented its conclusions regarding the crash of TWA Flight 800 during a nationally televised FBI press conference on November 18th, 1997.

FBI Assistant Director James Kallstrom presented a fifteen minute, CIA-produced animation entitled "TWA Flight 800: What Did the Eyewitnesses See?" at the press conference.

The CIA concluded that the eyewitnesses did not see a missile.

The CIA said that eyewitnesses who thought they saw a missile actually only saw TWA Flight 800 climbing sharply "like a missile" after it broke in half. is now showing a multimedia flash presentation of the CIA animation, followed by responses from eyewitnesses cited in that animation.

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Tom Stalcup