LITEBI Will Conduct a Study to Calculate the Business Intelligence Quotient of Companies by Industry

LITEBI has prepared a study with a questionnaire that will allow calculating what they have called “Business Intelligence Quotient” (IQ) for each market segment and company. This quotient is highly related to the level of technological maturity and the importance given, within each company, to the decision-making based on reliable, objective and real information.

Valencia, Spain, June 22, 2011 --( “In LITEBI we are very interested in knowing the popularity, level of knowledge and acceptance of business intelligence solutions on the market. Therefore, we have decided to conduct a study to determine the degree of 'business intelligence' of companies by their industry, size, and / or activity,” commented Javier Gimenez, Business Development Manager at this software company.

In return, and to acknowledge the participation, LITEBI will send the conclusions of the study, in addition to a customized report to each participating company, giving the result of the estimated degree of "intelligence" compared to its industry and companies of its size. In other words, providing them information to answers the question: How intelligent is my company in relation to companies in my industry?

The study will analyze the answers of companies from different industries and sizes, and the collection of the data for this study will be held online. The questionnaire contains queries that could be classified into 4 groups: profile information, technological maturity, use of information in the company and degree of Business Intelligence knowledge.

The results of the study will determine the participant’s Business IQ and their position in relation to the average of their industry.

You can access the test and be part of the study through the web:, where you can also request a free trial of its Cloud Computing Business Intelligence platform to learn about this type of management software tools, more accessible to all types of businesses, thanks to the SaaS (Pay-as-you-go) model.


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Jose de la Vega