Anchor Plastics Amplifies 1st Quarter Sales

Minnesota-based injection molding company Anchor Plastics sees bright future in a poor economy and troubled market.

Minneapolis, MN, June 23, 2011 --( Anchor Plastics reports a 24% increase in sales for 1st Quarter. They expect the rest of the year to maintain an increase in sales of 20%. Anchor Plastics contributes these numbers to projects that were in progress in 2009. Anchor Plastics is exceeding growth from all markets from Agriculture to Defense.

Anchor Plastics also grew its Personnel by 20% by hiring new employees for both production and for engineering to help meet their increase in demand. Anchor Plastics sees the growth through the 3rd Quarter, if not the end of the

About Anchor Plastics:

Anchor Plastics, Inc. is a manufacturer of injection-molded products. For over 40 years, Anchor has specialized in high precision plastics, designs, and processes. Its market is diverse and includes but is not limited to automotive, aerospace, military, and medical. Anchor attributes most of its success to the quality of its customers. Therefore, it is committed to improving its products and services so as to enable the continued prosperity of both its employees and its customers.

Anchor Plastics, Inc.
Basia Elmore